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Singing Aid

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Singing Aid
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Singing Aid
Post # 1
Shankha Mudra
This simple hand gesture helps relieve throat ailments, balance thyroxine, and sweeten your voice. Because it is associated with our throat, it's said to help develop clairaudience

Encircle your left thumb with the four fingers of your right hand. Touch the right thumb to the extended middle finger of your left hand. The two hands should look like a conch shell. Then switch hands after wards

Precautions: use should be limited to 10-15 minutes as when needed. Never do this mudra after taking your meals.

Re: Singing Aid
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Once again you are stating a belief as though it's a fact! You may "believe" that these hand gestures "sweeten the voice". But it is
not necessarily true!
Many members are from many different cultures. Stating a belief as a fact is not a good idea; unless you can prove that it is a fact! And give your sources!

Re: Singing Aid
Post # 3
Those gestures are not nessisary. Again you have your own religious beliefs that doesn't instantly make them right.

Re: Singing Aid
Post # 4
Ummm I said help emphasis on help. I didn't claim you will be cured for a fact. Again, I suggested this for those who want help. Ignoring this has back up in the medical field, why does this have less value than an spell that others put here? Does my belief system offend you because it's different? If so you are in violation of the rules here, and fine I can begin to put labels for people who desperately need me to say (kundalini yoga beliefs) I'm sorry if this disturbed anyone but, this is merely a suggestion for those who want it. Please ask another moderator to come and to tell me if I did any wrong here

Re: Singing Aid
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
You have not done wrong,exactly. Merely put your beliefs, at least on some of your posts,as though they are facts. Even now, you are saying "medical back-up". What medical back-up?

Re: Singing Aid
Post # 6
I have repeatedly mentioned I could not link because I'm new to this phone and suggested people do their own research if they have interest in my teachings. Please double check before accusing me of anything. And yes now I began to label kundalini yoga beliefs and put links to what I say because if not apparently I'm self proclaiming something. Sorry but om sick of this already

Re: Singing Aid
Post # 7
I just remembered I made a post of hand magic, I've said the same as always and no one was insulted. Now I continue what I've done and then you come make me look bad when I used generally accepted teachings. This isn't subject to yogic teachings

Re: Singing Aid
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
The difference, perhaps, between your prior post on "hand magic" and this is that you are now suggesting that a gesture can be utilized as medical advice.

While this is acceptable and normal in some cultures, it is also generally unscientific and irresponsible to suggest unproven, magical concepts as a cure for genuine medical problems without even suggesting that an individual should also seek medical attention. This, perhaps, is the reason that others have taken umbrage with a "singing aid" constituting only finger positioning (without any of the spiritual concepts behind it) being posed as factual medical advice.

Re: Singing Aid
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
I've been trying to explain that to Libran, both on posts and message mail. He cannot seem to understand.He thinks anybody who disagrees is insulting him. I've now lost patience.

Re: Singing Aid
Post # 10
Thank you awake, thats all i needed to be told. Brysing, in all those messages you kept saying g there was no evidence I was right. I told you to rephrase, thats why we went on and on.

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