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Weight loss spell!
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So tell me if this spell works and you must believe!!! I'm doing it myself so ya. I wrote this btw.

What You Need:
-Mirror(must be able to see at least upper body)
-Alone Time
-Outfit that is too tight on you
-Memorize Spell

Directions and Spell:
1)Put on the tight outfit
2)Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine you are skinny and happy
3)Say this spell 5 times(while still imagining):
"I wish today with all my might that in exactly 4 days I will be the weight I want to be. The weight I will be is ___ pounds. I will be healthy with slim thighs and flat stomach. I won't be able to pinch an inch of fat anywhere on my body [except on my boobs] . No matter what I eat I will stay healthy and thin forever. My hip bones will show they are easy to see. This is my wish, SO MOTE IT BE!!!
4)When done saying spell 5 times, kiss the mirror 5 times and clap 2 times
5)Now take off the tight clothing and fold them up and put them in the back of your closet and put on comfy clothing. Try to forget about the outfit in you're closet. Also try to forget about the spell.(it's ok if it slips into you're mind. Just try and forget)
6)During the 4 days you should start to get thinner and you will be more happy and energetic than usual. You have to exercise at least 10 minutes everyday.
You also have to eat some healthy food during the 4 days. On the last day go get the clothing in the back of you're closet and put on the (used to be) to tight clothing. They should now fit perfectly or be to big. Now look into the mirror. You should be as skinny and happy as you imagined in step 2.
7)Now say this 10 times while looking at yourself in the mirror:
"I wished with all my might and now I am the weight I want. I am now ___ pounds and very happy. I cannot pinch an inch of fat anywhere on my body [with the exception of my boobs] . My thighs are slim. My stomach is flat no matter what I eat. I always stay thin and healthy forever. My hp bones now show they are easy to see. Thank you gods and goddesses for this gift, SO MOTE IT BE!!!"
8)Now kiss the mirror 10 times then clap 4 times then snap 2 times.
9)Now keep on the outfit for the rest of the day

Re: Weight loss spell!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
interesting. i am glad you mentioned diet and exercise is needed. i do see a flaw in your spell however, what if someone is 300 pounds and wishes to be 120? i doubt the spell is so powerful and rapid that he/she will loose 180 pounds in four days. not to mention how dangerous loosing so much weight in such little time would be. i feel it would work if you were wishing to slim down the one or two dress sizes the tight outfit would be.

side note, while body image is a big problem and many people not only judge based on appearance, but also feel they will be judges/disrespected/unloved if they are not skinny as a rail. there are those who are happy and healthy even though they are overweight. i understand when casting this type of spell you must look at all the positive, but skinny does not equal happy. happiness is not a number, many will gain confidence with weight loss, but basing your joy off what others see you as is a bad thing to base on, and a spell cannot change your mental image. [i'm not mad, just wanted to point that out to those who feel the only way to be beautiful and accepted is to be thin is a bad way of thinking and you should have more personal reasons why you wish to change your appearance.]

Re: Weight loss spell!
Post # 3
I know what you mean. I understand that for people that need to lose a lot of weight fast that this isn't going to work in 4 days. I think you should lose about 10-15 pounds per day with this spell. And if someone who is very overweight just stick to the spell and do the exercise and healthy food until you lose all desired weight then do the ending spell. I also understand that being thin does not make people happy(some people I mean), but when you get healthily thin then you will feel more energetic than before which makes people much happier usually. I hope no one gets the wrong idea though that if your 400 pounds you can become 145 in 4 days! It would take longer! I just want you to know that I understand what you mean.

Re: Weight loss spell!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
To lose even 10-15 pounds a day is very unhealthy,even dangerous. Most dieticians would advise loosing around 5-10 pounds A WEEK!

Re: Weight loss spell!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5

Actually most medical weight loss programs recommend only 1-2 pounds per week after the initial four weeks when you may lose more to due water loss. Rapid weight loss is very, very dangerous and should only be done under medical supervision as it can damage the heart, liver, and other internal organs.

While a weight loss spell might be helpful in gaining the mindset that you need to help you lose weight it must, of course, be done in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. There is no spell that will simply make the weight melt off your body, and especially not in the fashion that you describe.

Furthermore, once you reach your desired weight you won't just magically stay there. You have to change your lifestyle for the rest of your life. If you go back to eating the way you used to eat, or give up exercising, you will simply gain back all the weight you lost plus more.

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