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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Incantations

Post # 1
I Apologize if this is in the wrong category.

So, I was wondering are there any incantations (just incantations nothing else) to summon certain spiritual beings or Demons ( I ask about Demons because i'm studying Demonology).
Any comments or suggestions a welcome :)

Infinite ^-^
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Re: Incantations
Post # 2

Be extremely careful when working with demons. I haven't worked with any demons myself, but I've heard plenty that they are not to be taken lightly.

And summoning is very rude. It's like invoking their presence without their permission.

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Re: Incantations
Post # 3
Well, the Goetia Demons are nice to you, but that's if you respect them and, of course, i respect all demons except the ones that screw up your entire life xD
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Re: Incantations
Post # 4
OK. If your going to take any advice about summoning and demons take it from someone who actually works with demons.

What makes a spirit a demon isn't that they're evil, it's that they're chaotic. That however can work against you and here is my advice.
1.) Never show fear or ignorance - demons will exploit all shown weaknesses especially stronger demons.
2.) Be specific - im sure you've heard this plenty of times
3.) There is always a consequence - actually it's rarely drastic especially for experienced practitioners, but the demons chaotic nature always has side effects. For example it's usually no worse than "you will get whatever sum of money you ask quickly for but I will in the end take more than what was given." But that's a specific demon who I can't remember the name of but that's mainly because he can get you money faster than anyone else. Its better to make a deal with a demon where you know the consequence then one where you don't.
4.) They give you what you need not what you want - demons are surprisingly big on your personal growth but be warned, they might just teach you a lesson.
5.) Don't go in over your head - don't summon something too powerful or chaotic, self explanatory.
6.) Evocation is not what you think it is - you may be thinking of the demon that rises from the smoke and says "who dare to call upon me" or something like that, any demon that actually says that isn't doing it because you offended or interrupted in any way. Also summoning doesn't work the way you think it does, im not going to go into detail but you won't pull a spirit out of whatever its doing to right in front of you. Its actually possible to summon any person right in front of you but they won't pass out and have their spirit show up at the ritual spot.
7.) Cleanse and shield - always.

That should scratch the surface of what you need to know. Now I'll provide you with an incantation. There are many incantations and some demons have their own but I'll give you a universal one known to be powerful by some.

Alash tad'alash tal'ashtu

When summoning a particular entity say this several times over and is commonly whispered.

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Re: Incantations
Post # 5
To Outlast, does your incantation only work for demons, or can other beings be called with it?
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Re: Incantations
Post # 6
so are you studying demonology to be a practitioner, or because of a college course you are taking and are doing a paper or something?
i think that if you are studying in order to practise magick and want to summon demons for your magick, then your interest in incantations will come from and take you to a different realm than if just gaining information for a grade in a class.
if your study is for a course of study, you may want to very well heed the aforementioned advice, so as to not get in over your head.
if you will be practising demon centered magick, then yes still heed the advice, but you may want to learn from those more experienced in that type of path.
just putting out there that you are studying a subject of that nature does not warrant you just getting what you want and moving along with what you got.
it looks like to me, that you want to just easily grab someones knowledge ang run with it.
it looks like you take the topic too lightly to even be serious about.
if it is a passing fancy, i may say look for something else to amuse that part of you for the momennt.
the effects of such a "study" could prove worse than you imagine.
i like the advice though.protect and sheild.
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Re: Incantations
Post # 7
so outcast'
it sounds like working with demons is like working with "spiritual loan sharks" so to speak.
i know i would tread lightly on the topic, but then i am not eager to summon them.
i seem to summon them without even knowing or trying to.
not a lot of fun either.
anything worth the effort is worth the work and should be worth the consequences attached to it.
incantation or not, i certainly would want to know rationally what i would be involving with before i started using incantations someone was kind enough to offer me.
and the word evil is funny to me, because it is an adjective with no opposite.
there are people who thing the opposite of good is evil.
not so. the opposite of good is bad.
bad to me is much more tolerable and manageable than the elusive "evil".
i think evil was created to dominate those people who rejected the war god, which has come to be represented as the christian diety god.
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Re: Incantations
Post # 8
now i am curious.
what is the incantation for?
and with demonology, can you create your own incantation once you have a knowledge base?
or are there certain incantations used for specific demons?
is demon work like other religions, where specific ceremonies or rituals are used individually or in group format?
or are there solitary practitioners who develop their own religious format?
can a "white" magick practitioner use demon phenomena occasionally, or is it a once your in youre in type of thing?
lots of ????s just from an incantation inquiry.
outcast you seem to know a lot though, and between the initial queation and your explanations i am really wondering.
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Re: Incantations
Post # 9
I guess I'll start answering all the questions with the incantation. The incantation is used for initiating and enhancing a spiritual pact. Any deal you make with a spirit is considered a pact. This incantation can be used with any spirit and I actually received it from the author E.A. Koetting. I have used it many times in my work and can say it's very effective. Incantations aren't even always necessary but you can acquire them from a spirit, using a technique called glossolalia or speaking in tongues, and you can create your own they're just words but for some their meanings are lost. Some demons do have their own incantations and they usually contain their names such as "itzra itzra Azazel" for the demon Azazel but are not required.

Some practices do provide religious formats but all you need to use are the basic principles of evocation to summon something, but sometimes it's better to follow an entire format provided.

Nothing limits you from summoning a spirit or demon you just need to immerse yourself in it. The practice of summoning spirits (Evocation) has gotten itself a bad name probably due to the Christian stereotype on "Satanist".

What demons really want (and most spirits as well) is to play a role in the evolution of humanity. They say it was a demon that gave man fire, they say it was a demon that gave man power. That is why the physical world and physical beings are so valuable to them and especially those who have larger influences on the world or people who will. Accidentally summoning a demon is common, a lot of the time they will themselves to be somewhere in some cases to complete a purpose of their own design or anothers.

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Re: Incantations
Post # 10
i will reread.
it seems simple but if i have to read it again then i know for me at least it is deeper than the first read.
what really caught me was the speaking in tongue.
i was just thinking that as your explanation defined it that way.
while i never attended a church which people did that, i think it is a widely accepted practise in some christian church formats.
it is so interesting that the very thing some christians denounce is what they also practise.
another question?
can or do demons ever manifest visually in human form?
i am asking for a specific reason.
and also but not necessarily as familiars, do demons ever manifest in animal form.i.e....
do entities ever present in familiar forms so as to be noticed or better understood visually by the humans who pro port to ±see them.
a viable answer will be greatly appreciated
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