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Tarot interpretation help
Post # 1
Hey everybody , a freind whom recently started to try
For a baby and I did a simple tarot spread of 8 cards.
Although I'm fairly new at tArot I'd love a second interpretation:)

the conception
1- star
2- sun


1- ace pentacles
2- page of pentacles

1- temperance
2- 10 of cups

8 of wands
9 of pentacles

any takers??

Thanks a bunch!!
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Re: Tarot interpretation help
Post # 2
My interpretation is that the star means success . Along with the sun I would
Say it solidifies it and maybe a conception in July/August?.
As for the pregnancy itself I am taking the ace of pentacles as the early
Embryo and along with the page of pentacles as the ace transforms from
The embryo to the fetus. although I'd see the ace of pentacles being one year.
and the baby information ummm temperance has me stumped and 10 of cups
I can see definitely her and her husband being thrilled on the coming of the miracle , the outcome though 8 of wands maybe life changes??
For some reason I get baby girl..

But here's my interpretation I case you thought I was a troll.
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Re: Tarot interpretation help
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
So I decided to give my interpretation on this spread.

Background info (If I’m missing something let me know.)
~8 card spread.
~Questioner is trying for a baby

Onto the spread…

Card 1: Star
Summarized Reading: Joyous
Reading: The love of the world and gods smile upon you. You will conceive a child and it will be a joyous occasion.

Card 2: Sun
Summarized Reading: Proof of conception.
Reading: The Sun signifies the energies and fire of life, this confirms that you will conceive a child.

Conception Reading: You will conceive a child during the time of Aquarius (January 20 -
February 18) Both the Star and Sun have masculine elemental attributes, which give early indications of a boy.

Card 3: Ace of Pentacle (Coins)
Summarized Reading: Invest into your pregnancy.
Reading: With the hump of conception over start looking to prepare yourself for your child, look particularly at your financial situation and invest into your child accordingly.
Card 4: Page of Pentacles (Coins)
Summarized Reading: Learn skills for your pregnancy and parenthood.
Reading: Start learning skills to make pregnancy easier, also learn about and prepare for parenthood.

Pregnancy Reading: Try to learn your skills in the spring as both cards rule over the season of spring. Also invest during this time. The Earth element will make this a productive time.

Card 5: Temperance
Summarized Reading: Possible false labor(s)
Reading: You may experience false labors, this is to help strengthen your for when you finally hit real labor.

Card 6: 10 of Cups
Summarized Reading: Mutual love after birth
Reading: Because of everything that has happened thus far you have an unconditional love for your child just as he has for you.

Baby Reading: After the birth of your child who is most likely a boy as Temperance has a masculine Elemental Attribute, you will feel content. Your child’s birthdate will be during Sagittarius (November 22 -December 21)

Card 7: 8 of Wands
Summarized Reading: Fun crazy times after birth
Reading: Crazy times are ahead but don’t fret. Among the information overload and constant work of a child there will be fun times, you just have to take them when they come.

Card 8: 9 of Pentacles (Coins)
Summarized Reading: Step back from life a little.
Reading: This doesn’t mean shut yourself in, just take a step back from time to time and focus on yourself and your family.

Outcome Reading: Even with the hectic work of caring for a child you will have fun. Use this time to make yourself and your surroundings beautiful as you see them.

~If you would like to know how I got some or all of the reading feel free to message me with your questions.~
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