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Name: Byssin
Birthday: Aug 7 1994
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Hi all! My name is Justin Farrell. I am 20. I am always open to learning new things and would love to be able to find out about past lives if someone could help.
~~Additional Information~~
-Strongest Element: Fire
-Weakest Element: Water
-Strength(s): Tarot
-Don't ask me to help you with magik, I'm still learning myself.
-Don't ask me to change you into a vampire, werewolf, dragon, were-pig or whatever combination of supernatural creatures are out there( except Bigfoot I'd love to be the one to find Bigfoot...)
-For any other questions feel free to ask me personally.
P.S. So you know, I have a very flirty nature, I don't mean anything disrespectful about it, it is just who I am. ^.^