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Spirits harming my pup

Forums ► General Info ► Spirits harming my pup
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Spirits harming my pup
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So I had known that I had spirits at my home years ago. They had never caused us harm only protection, but ever since we brought a pup 6 days ago she keeps getting attack. At first I thought it was us, but it was not until all of us were together including the pup that she got hurt that my siblings and I got worried.

My dad even saw it and he thinks that a child deity that we have at home is getting jealous. My sister and I think it is the child and Vicky (a little 5 year old girl) instead of the older spirits or the orisha we have at home.

I am not even sure anymore if it is the Orishas, the spirits of my household, or my deity. Heck, nor do I know it is my mom saint.

I know I can burn sage, light a white candle with blessing oil, or sprinkle my pup with holy water (dad recommendation), but would it be a good idea in finding out why the spirits are doing this? Or a way for the spirits to stop harming my pup.

I know how to get rid of mischievous spirits, but I want to know why all of a sudden is things happening now? Any advices in what I can do or reasons why now the spirits decided to harm my pup? (I would had say tricks, but no tricks would include in harming a pup to the point of hearing her crying or whimpering in pain as well running away to the points of hiding under the bed).

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Re: Spirits harming my pup
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

You might also want to have the pup checked by a vet. It's entirely possible she has physically injured herself in some way and might need medical care. Or it's also possible she is crying and whimpering because she's newly separated from her mother.

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Re: Spirits harming my pup
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Hi Lark,

I did indeed did all those. I took her to the vet 4 days ago and the veterinarian assured us that the pup was healthy and her physical body is in great shape. Now for being apart from her mother that is not it cause the first day I got her she was happy and followed my sister everywhere.

You would have thought that my sister was the mother seeing how my pup follows her like a duckling.

It is the reason why I am trying to approach this situation logical then spiritual, but it just sucks that I can't think of other options since it had not ever happened to my turtle or when my stray cat comes to visit.

I'm just worried that it may become dangerous later on. I also noticed that when we hold her nothing happens but when she she is not with us or even laying right next to us something happens. I also noticed that she barks on the walls when nothing is even there, so that is how I got that the spirits may be the cause of the problem.

Just to make sure I even took her to my aunt house and she was not harm when she was left alone (though I made sure to keep my eyes on her all time).

Also, I made another appointment to the vet just to be sure.
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Re: Spirits harming my pup
Post # 4
What really got me on this one was that you took the pup to your aunts house and there was no problem but there's an issue at home. There are still a few other things it could be but if you think it might be spirits harming your pup then you should probably do some cleansing.
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Re: Spirits harming my pup
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I know that what really does bother me cause in my aunt house she was not harm and it is not really about cleansing my home. It is more like why all of a sudden is this even happening. That is where I'm at distress and right now I'm overprotective with her at the moment.
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Re: Spirits harming my pup
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Try talking with the spirit, see if you can find out why. If you can't ask it to please stop because you are upset, and while you don't want the spirit to leave if she continues you are going to ask her to leave. I had a similar problem with Rori [spirit with me] and my cat. Rori doesn't like Gir because Gir can see him, so he would stand in one corner of the room and torment the cat. Eventually I told him to stop and that Gir was here to stay. He wasn't thrilled, but he stopped messing with Gir [as much anyway. He still does it from time to time]

If that doesn't work, protect the dog, and if after talking to the spirit things still don't change, you might have to kick her out. Its not something I like doing but spirits have passed on and in the physical you need to think about the livings safety. If it is a small child though she probably doesn't know how rough she's being, so explaining to her to be gentler would work.
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