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Yes, I am aware this story sounds seriously messed up but I swear this is what just happened last night and I need help figuring out what this was.
It started off with me and my brother walking down the street at about 1AM, we were heading to a sheetz and didn't have a car so we had to walk. The first thing we noticed was these strange orange lights down a hill near the first crossroads by farmland (its country in PA here), for some reason we felt drawn to go that way.
Everything was normal until we walked past a church, where this unmarked black car was sitting by its self. We couldn't figure out its model or make or anything about it besides that it was all black and two door. We both saw it and thought it was weird but tired to ignore it. Then...This is when things get crazy.
My brother says he saw some kind of big, winged humaniod creature flying behind me, coming at me, and I could feel the thing trying to drain my energy. We could HEAR its wings flapping. We dipped and just walked as fast as we could but this things followed us.
We came to a point where we could have gone back home, but for some reason we turned another way and kept walking. We never talked about why we were going that way, we just went.
We ended up walking past some peach trees and a fork in the road. I was very aware right then and I didn't feel safe ether way but going right seemed way worse for some reason so we went left. As we walked down the road the first thing we noticed was this awful, horrible smell. It smelt like death. All I can say. It smelled like mud, bodily waste, and rotting flesh. The smell made us both gag. Then we heard the weirdest, horrible sound, sounded like some kind of animal call but did not sound like ANYTHING I ever heard. It was at a weird, high pitch, sounded like a mix of a grunt, a cry and a call. When we heard that, we just dipped.
After that, about three blocks away on our way home, we ran into this stranger. We were both extremely paranoid and defensive when we saw him, and honestly we wondered if he was the thing we were running from, then he came up to us and we saw he was just as horrified as we were.
He said he was down by the peach trees, and "people" were talking and following him and he had to leave. When we asked what they were saying, he told us it sounded like gibberish. He said as he was walking alone, he heard and saw strange things but none of us really spoke of all we saw.
It turned out the guy was headed the same way we were, so we grouped up with him (safety in numbers) and headed back. The thing(s) followed us for a while, until suddenly we saw it run off.
We all saw the thing, but my brother was the only one who got a good look at it. He said it was about three feet tall, four legs, and furry with a white tail like a deer. Which, it could have been a deer but it didn't fit the description.
We still don't know why it left us, we figure it was ether because we got into a group too big for it, or because all three of us came to a realization that if this thing attacked we were gonna fight back, physically and spiritually. We also had help from our Father, who passed away last year but came to protect us.
All of us made it back alive, we were just all very shaken. I ended up throwing up and my brother almost had a seizure. We were attacked last night, from something evil and not from this world. We don't know what it was, or if the two situations were connected or not. Please comment on here or message me, I really need help. I can answer questions or give more info if needed.
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Re: Visited
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"He said it was about three feet tall, four legs, and furry with a white tail like a deer. Which, it could have been a deer but it didn't fit the description."

I don't see how that doesn't fit the description. You basically just described a deer exactly. If he didn't think it was a deer it was due to his intense sense of fear that caused his imagination to make it only worse. If it really wasn't a deer that he saw then he would've probably noticed something way off about it, otherwise it was most likely a deer.

Assuming the rest wasn't your mind playing tricks on you and isn't some joke, there could've been a ritual to release some spirit loose for some reason (I'm seriously imagining some type of wannabe Lovecraft cult or a wannabe satanic cult because they're the only ones I can imagine releasing a spirit into the world for chaos because they have no idea what they're doing).
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