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Energy from my hands
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Feeling energy merging from my hands

It started like 3 or 4 months ago, I started feeling like some kind of vibration/pulsing in my hands, it's a little difficult to explain, sometimes I go out for a walk after work to ease my mind and start wandering around and I get lost on my thoughts, my hands began to pulsate strongly felt a almost like tickles in my palms at moments the feeling got stronger or weaker depending on the path I was following.
For some reason I thought I was feeling someone else's energy, I believe it was the first time.
A couple of weeks ago I believe, I bought a quartz pendulum because I was curious though I'm not really into crystals it worked pretty well and it moved according to my directions precisely, at the next day I came home and found out someone had touch it, I've put it between my hands and felt a strong energy that wasn't mine, I felt it's angry pulsations like warning me that some serious cleansing was required, I put it on salt a couple if hours until my hands starting doing their thing but it felt stronger than it never was had to take the pendulum out to make the calm, it was working almost miraculously it feel so full of energy, my energy.
I started to use the energy of my hands at will, I can put one above the other without touching it and feeling tingling on my skin, I've try it on my arms or even moving a single finger in circles above my open palm.
I have no idea what it's purpose but wanted to share to see if someone could help me understand what is it, does it have a meaning?
Been reading a little about it and learned that some people use this to heal others, and months ago had a tarot reading (not a very reliable one though) saying that someday I could relieve people's grief, don't remember the exact words but I was pretty sad these days and was dealing with a little depression (still do) and somehow thinking about it made me happy even though it sounded like a fantasy.
Last readings (again not reliable ones, it wasn't from someone here or myself) had been telling me repeatedly times of being guarded and some things about angels, I been dealing with a very painful, soul wrecking heartbreak since half a year, sometimes the sadness was so strong that made my chest feel empty and couldn't help myself from start crying, last times it was about to happen I felt surrounded by warmth like if someone was hugging me. A colleague of mine who knows something about esoteric things told me that I had something protecting me, and because of that I almost never got sick or have any accidents and people won't succeed to cause any physical harm.
Those readings had been telling me that there is some kind of entity that is trying to keep me away from sorrow because I have a some kind of task to do.

Sorry to make it this long, I just needed to share it.
I know it's seems pretentious but that's not my nature, I beginning to realize that I'm a highly sensitive person and is helping me understand why some situations that could seem simple to some can make such an impact on me.
I've deal with depression for so much time, feeling worthless, very insecure, lonely as hell, unwanted, unloved. I'm a very introvert guy and for some reasons the few friends I have are totally opposed to my personality but still for reasons unknown they made me their friend which I found pretty strange since I've been rejected most part of my life.

Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts, advises or opinions of the things I been feeling, I hope someone could help me understand.

Blessed be.
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Re: Energy from my hands
By: Moderator / Adept
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