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Spells &Breaking Circles

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Spells &Breaking Circles
Post # 1
Hi fellow witches. This morning I was casting a love spell for someone on this site & before I started, I casted a circle. I practice witchcraft secretly, so when I heard my mom coming down the steps, I had to run out the circle, put the stuff away & pretend like I wasn't doing anything. I prayed to my deity (Jesus Christ) and told him I thank you and sorry for providing and wasting his and the archangels '(I use them for calling corners)energy, but that the circle is closed for now. What happens if I break (I did) the circle without doing it the proper way? Is there a way I can bring back the energy to the circle or can I recast it? Also what can be done to make a love spell stronger? Again it;s not for me. I don't cast them for myself since it interferes with free will.
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Re: Spells &Breaking Circles
Post # 2
I would say if you believe casting for yourself hinders free will, casting for another would hinder there free will.
You can cast it again and bring the energy back.
At times, depending on the reason for casting the circle, you could be attacked by something if you don't close it properly. Any magick act can make spirits curious, not just the ones you called to. By not closing it properly, you could have left a gate open for other things to make use of or you may not have, you generally find out if you did when things go wrong.
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Re: Spells &Breaking Circles
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Casting spells on people that makes one person love another specific person violates free will. It doesn't matter if it's not for you. Christianity outside of certain protestant groups is really big on free will, so maybe it's lucky that your circle broke.

Here is some advice on alternatives:

  1. A spell that helps the target see what lovable about the person your helping
  2. A spell that inspired meaningful communication and provides wisdom. (For couples with relationship trouble).
  3. A spell that attracts a romantic partner (not a specific person), who would bring joy to your client and who your client would give joy to in return.

#1 doesn't guarantee that the subject of the spell must start a relationship. #2 might cause a well thought out breakup if the couple in question is toxic to eachother, #3 doesn't force anyone to have a relationship, but bringing two compatible peopel together is no joke.

No on your broken circle. The energy is still in the universe, it's probably just in a chaotic and dissonant form. Burn sage, or use your personal power to clear the energy of the room you did your spell in. Meditate and balance your own magic.

Also don't play god and thank jesus for not letting you make a mistake. I'm not a christian, but no one should ever play hypocrite with your faith. (I don't think that's what you did, but you were in danger of this).

Also it's great that you want to encourage love in this world, we don't see enough of it.

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Re: Spells &Breaking Circles
Post # 4
@Guidance Ok I see what your saying. At first I as hesitant about performing the spell for her, but then she started to say how she really misses her ex and that she needs him. I'll just recast the circle like you said & perform a protection spell as well. Thank you so much!

@changedcynic I totally agree with you. the weird thing is that in school we were just talking about signs and omens in Julius Caesar and about how if we would follow the omens and not go to the Capitol. I see the circle breaking as a sign. Thank you so much for the spell suggestions. I think I'll perform #2. Can lighting a white candle also aid me in clearing the energy? Also are you saying to thank both Jesus Christ and God? If so, I will. Thank you so much for your guidance!
Ikr isn't love beautiful?
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Re: Spells &Breaking Circles
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

Well most christians believe in the trinity so thanking the son is really thanking the father too know.

I sort of think christian magic would logically have more to do with the holy ghost, interacting with the ephemeral spirit of creation if that makes any sense.

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