Demon Powers and Such

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Demon Powers and Such

Demon Powers and Such
Post # 1
I need help with finding out how to unlock my Demonic powers and how to transform. I have been trying to figure this out for a while now and I am getting tired of looking. This is my last shot. If anyone knows information on this subject, please reply.
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Re: Demon Powers and Such
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Um why would you assume you have demonic powers in the first place. Also magic can't really transform you into anything.

Magic doesn't allow physical changes. It can impact how we and others feel about and interact with the world, it can change out comes and point things in your favor, but it won't make you a vampire, werewolf or demon.

Magic is really only dramatic when dealing with magical planes and forces directly. I'm sure there are demonic forces on the astral plane and some such, and you could definitely mutilate your soul to become a creature of evil.

I have another question. Why on earth would you want to transform into a being of evil, or expect anything to help you. If you are actually magically talented you might get your wish granted in the worst way imaginable

(TO PEOPLE WHO PRACTICE GEOTIA, EVOCATION, ARE SATANISTS, ETC) I'm aware there is more than one interpretation of what demons are and how they behave. But the person on this post probably has a hollywood idea of demons.

To sum up

  • You will never get red skin, horns, and cloved feet in our plane of existance. Spiritually it's quite possible. The worst demons are completely human
  • If you shouldn't want to become a being that takes pleasure in rape, murder, and the destruction of all human hope
  • You can't transform into anything, this isn't like Harry Potter, where McGonagall can point and her desk transforms into a wild pig

Try looking up older more established branches of magic. I think you might enjoy invocation and evocation.

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Re: Demon Powers and Such
Post # 3
Different demon spell I am talking about. I am not stupid enough to think I will grow horns, wings, and goat legs ok? It said that the user will unlock supernatural powers and will be able to transform at night. I think you might be thinking of some other demon spell. And I know this is gonna sound stupid but I lost a bet and I had to do the spell so yeah. It sucks
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Re: Demon Powers and Such
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

I'm sorry, about being so derisive.

Really I think the safest version of a spell with a demon at night spell, is to take on the shape of a demon while you sleep and travel the astral plane.

You could mutilate your soul, either with magic, or even just the placebo effect, so that as a human being you become demonic at night.

You can imbue objects with magic to make them change your personality and behavior in subtle ways when touched.

Honestly you should say screw the bet if what you're looking for is to change your psychological makeup.

The reason I was so harsh with you earlier is that in my experience people who post on species transformation are usually

  • Being mocking
  • Need to be set straight on magic
  • The worst one, might be seriously disturbed. I've had a few interactions with a person like that and there's a reason they felt they weren't human

Magic should be used to improve your life and the lives of others, not for amusement or bets. It's really playing with fire and human nature. It's backfired on me before and I've seen it backfire on others. I hope you be careful

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Re: Demon Powers and Such
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

As to supernatural powers. I recommend meditation and chakra work. THen you'll have supernatural powers at all times

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