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weird experiences

Forums ► Misc Topics ► weird experiences
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weird experiences
Post # 1
i had a vivid dream where i lay down during a storm and died. it wasnt bad, there was nothing after death. no thoughts, no feeling, nothing except a vague sort of warmth. this dream has meaning to me; death without an afterlife isnt a scary or bad thing. there was a time where we didnt exist, and to return to it is a beautiful and peaceful thing. life still has value, but death isnt a bad experience (for the person dying, at least). its probably the only thing worth mentioning here that i kind of understand
not too long before the previous dream, i was wide awake, wishing deeply to experience being someone else. desperately prayed for whatever deities there are to help, and suddenly had conditions pop into my mind; i could experience a different body, but if i saw my reflection the experience would end and could never be repeated. still awake, i heard a bunch of odd beeping sounds as my body began to shake and felt like it was being lifted away. suddenly i was another person, i looked down to see a different body, i felt different sensations, i was in a different place. i was startled, i got up quickly, and saw that there was a mirror leaning on a nearby wall. i fell into my bed, back in the body i have now.
ive never been comfortable with my gender, even from a young age. i dont know if that experience made me feel better or worse in the long run, but it was certainly relevant.
heard that beeping when near sleep for a few years after that in that bedroom. lights of different colors, often paired like eyes, would reflect from the outside of the windows in that house. the house was out of the way in the countryside, line of sight to the nearest public road was blocked by a few clusters of trees.
not really an experience but kind of fun to tell about, on the same property there was a rusted-out old car wrapped around a tree. i dont know if its true, but my grandma said one of the conditions of buying the property was to leave the car where it was. that was a pretty spooky car! i used to wonder about the story behind it a lot.
despite me being still, small objects around me used to sometimes jump a few inches off the ground for no apparent reason.
i once heard a loud, deep voice say something from no direction in particular; i forgot exactly what it said, but i remember being surprised when i heard my cousin (i think he was about five at the time?) repeat it to my aunt seconds later!
in another house's bedroom (the one im in right now), an empty shoebox lifted itself off the ground. i got scared and ran out of the room, when i got back it was on my bed in a vertical position. i put it away without any issue.
i havent had anything as crazy as that happen since, but i still get odd feelings in this room; i get more impulsive than normal, and get urges to start artistic projects that i dont have any interest in elsewhere. the light in that room also tends to behave oddly, it sometimes quickly dims or brightens on its own.
the ceiling fan just started clicking while i typed that, haha. probably coincidence, but still makes me a little nervous.
slightly less years ago, decided to take a short nap mid-afternoon. walked into a forest. wind was blowing down a circular path. the source of the wind was a glowing woman, bright like the sun, face somehow completely abstract and impossible to comprehend yet awe-inspiringly beautiful. i asked her if i knew her name. after a moment, she said yes. with that i woke up, only about fifteen minutes after i fell asleep. it was extremely vivid, the memory of this dream really stuck with me.
most recent big thing that happened was at a motel in new mexico. a light woke me up late at night. when i opened my eyes, a glowing gas-like orb quickly hovered away to the door. it was reflecting off of different things in the room, like any normal light source. i was scared at first, but i kind of wanted it to come back once it was gone. mostly out of curiosity, i guess.

mostly signed up to share these experiences ive had. is there meaning to them im missing? have you ever had stuff like this happen to you too? sorry if its kind of ramble-y, im right about to go to sleep
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Re: weird experiences
Post # 2
The dream you were talking about had to do with recarnating.
Recarnation happens after you die, your soul leaves your body and you are in the form of other person. Don't worry though your soul has probably been in thousands of different forms.

I beileve the deep voice was your spirit guide. Your spirit guide it there to help you, not to scare you

You aren't the only person with weird experiences before.
One night my book of shadows feel on me right after I knew I put it in my bookcase
Some times things fall on me out of nowhere

When I woke up something knocked on my window so I said hello. Then it said hello back then I asked it what is name was than it sounded frightened and went away

The universe is trying to tell you something and you are the only person that can
Find it out, do not be afraid

Blessed be be- Tara
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Re: weird experiences
Post # 3
It could be that you sense and see spirits that others can not. The out of body thing sounds like astral plane. Lights could be spirits. Younger children and most animals see, hear and sense things others can not. I do not believe your spirit guide would let another hear it speak to you so since I believe in ghosts that is what I think you are experiencing. :-)
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Re: weird experiences
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I have had a rather similar type dream, and I accepted and came to terms with my mortality long ago. As to re-incarnation, I see life as a cycle, but do not believe in afterlife either. Whether there is or not, I cannot say. Whether I become fertilizer and feed other life or my soul dislodges from my body is fine with me. Hence, I do not fear death.
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Re: weird experiences
Post # 5
reincarnation is an interesting take on the being-someone-else thing. i wonder if thats someone i was, or someone i'll be? what was with the mirror ending it?
i dont know if the voice was a ghost or what. it was like it was telling my cousin what to say, and i just happened to hear it as well.
i was a teenager for most of the things i mentioned, with the exception of the new mexico event (could be wrong? i was 18-20, i know it wasnt last year or the year before that (22 right now) time is confusing).
its pretty exciting if the universe is trying to tell me something, it means i have a definite purpose!
another dream i had that isnt entirely noteworthy but it was definitely interesting: i was just a small part of someones mind, passing thoughts to other parts of the mind (which were mostly silent to me) as i passively watched their body wander about doing things (i think it was stacking chairs? dream was a long time ago)
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