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Initiate my reincarnation

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Initiate my reincarnation
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Initiate my reincarnation
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I am seeking advice on how people would approach this rather ambitious (and most likely impossible) undertaking. Be pre-warned it is fairly distasteful. Basically I am seeking to initiate and control my own reincarnation.

I know a couple and I would like to a) initiate conception of a gender specific child between them, and b) become that child with my memories moderately intact. Obviously I want my soul to enter the fetus before it has a soul of it's own.

I recognize that this may be considered black magic, but I don't believe I would be hurting anyone. I do not see this as harmful, merely manipulative.

I know that the couple will be near my birthplace on my birthday this year, and will be flying 900 miles to the town I live the following day. I do not expect to see them at all during this trip.

Even if you believe this is impossible, what advice would you give on how to approach the task? I've considered Astral Projection but I'm not very proficient at that and I have concerns as to how effective it would be. Wouldn't I be in danger of harming the mother by trying that directly?

Re: Initiate my reincarnation
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Apologies, I realize I posted this on the wrong thread but now I'm not sure if I can relocate it.


Re: Initiate my reincarnation
Post # 3

You don't have to worry about posting things in the wrong thread section, mods and editors fix it when they can.

Re: Initiate my reincarna
Post # 4
I have a couple of serious questions to ask you in an attempt at helping you arrive at your truth. Are you dying or are the "couple" small children? Your name "witchlette" implies that you yourself are young. I dont see how your soul can enter someone else unless you are planning on dying. In that case, if its unnatural, then its illegal and we cant help you for fear of imprisonment. Sorry.

Re: Initiate my reincarnation
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
@ Diligent

I don't like where your mind is going and I find your tone condescending.

I'm 26; I'm a vegetarian; I'm an aunt; I have a Bachelor Degree in Technology; I like classical music and detest smokers. I intended the name Witchlette to imply that I was not a veteran wiccan nor heavily involed in the wiccan community (and to be honest it was the sixth name I tried and I was running out of ideas). I'm not dying, the couple are in their mid thirties. I never thought of 'seeking advice' as equating to euthanasia since I am not, nor have I ever been, suicidal. I expect I am not the first sane person to ever wish for a 'better life' or a 'fresh start'.

Seeing as how what I am talking about is impossible I assumed that most people would take it in the form of an intellectual and potentially philosophical discussion. I will not accept nor advocate any method that involves the destruction of my body, merely my seperation from it. I suppose that means I would be attempting to leave my body in a vegatative state.

I would appreciate it if any further advice would be given in spirit of hypothetical philosophy. Since, to my knowledge, the concept of soul transferance is impossible.

Re: Initiate my reincarnation
Post # 6
Your trying to do this without astral projection and this is something that requires a lot of skill in general. I'll tell you what you can do but I can't promise anything. I'll give you what I can and i'll keep it as simple as possible.

First I suggest you become adept at astral projection, evocation, and magick and energy use in general (and maybe lucid dreaming, I'll explain why).

Start with splitting your soul. To keep them as 1 and practically the same soul. Enter meditation and divide your consciousness but have a silver cord between the two souls (usually described as what connects the soul and the body together in most astral projection teachings). Be able to switch between the two consciouses and also exist in both at the same time to also keep them seperate (hard thing to do).

Now i'll explain the lucid dreaming first. In order to be able to keep the memories with as much perfection as possible it's best to practice, the most efficient way is through a method of conciouse lucid dreaming where you fall asleep and go through the night consciously in your dreams. It's basically the same concept with reincarnation but it's much harder for it is to be done on downloading everything onto a new undeveloped brain and it has to be done for longer. Study it before you try it for there are a few things you would need to understand first like the stages of sleep. This is a skill that takes years to master so i'll give you an easier but way less effective technique.

You should make a charm (best you do this yourself) of stones and crystals that radiate well with you. You need it to hold a conscious for a long time. Enchant it with not just intentions but with your whole self and attach your spirit to it (a spirit can be attached to multiple things so you can attached your own spirit to it and because both of your spirits are connected your essentially attaching both at the same time). Give it to the child on his/her first birthday and that he/she shall hold onto it for life until it must be passed on. If it is to be passed on, your predecessor must enchant it again to strengthen it. I recommend you try this and the lucid dreaming method for the best chance.

Now you must meet with the mother when she is pregnant (father can be there too for support. You could also do a similar ritual with both parents before she is pregnant and do this one when she is to help you control the gender and features of the child) and you must pass your soul on. Draw the soul into the unborn child and you can use evocation methods to summon your own soul into the baby. One thing that can help is that there is a minot chakra at the base of your skull behind your head. Draw energy from there and send it through your right hand into the baby with you intention.

I advise you price together the holes I left yourself for this is quite a hard thing to do but I wish you luck and can't wait to hear about your results.

Re: Initiate my reincarnation
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
The idea that humans "come back" as other humans is a belief. A very strong belief, that there must be "something" after death. It is born of fear; fear of "extinction".
We are Matter, and Matter cannot be destroyed, only changed. When the body dies, whether buried or cremated, the body "goes to earth".It then feeds the plants, the plants feed the animals, and the body "lives" again, in a different form. It is the everlasting Cycle of Life. Because all the animals,birds, incests, also die and feed the plants. And so it goes on, forever; or at least so long as the Planet lasts.

Re: Initiate my reincarnation
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8

Re: Initiate my reincarnation
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
By the way! When I say "cremated" I mean when the ashes are scattered on the Earth; not kept in those "sentimental" caskets!

Re: Initiate my reincarnation
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Brysing, calling everyone insects who doesn't subscribe to your world view seems a bit harsh, don't you think?

As for what you were saying about, matter, decay, the circle of life, etc.. While that is true, how do you explain the phenomenon of astral projection, hauntings, etc..?
(and yes I know these things have yet to be "conclusively" proven by science, although there have been experiments done that seem to indicate that we should at least keep our minds open to such ideas before outright dismissing them.)

With all that said, I would like to say that by defending the idea of "something" happening after death, I am not defending the OP, as I find her idea to manipulate the soul of a small child abhorrent to say the least.

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