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please I need to know...
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Please I need to know about spells and how to control them, I am a boy crying out for help... Please help me...
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Re: please I need to know...
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Um... I don't know about the crying, or the Wolfman Jack on this thread, but the best way to get started on controlling magic is following the "Getting Started" Thread in General Information on this Forum.

It gives you tips on meditation and various exercises which help you develope the will, and I don't know how to put it...spiritual oomph?, to cast magic.

Then do some research, on different branches of magic. The forums give just a hint of the many paths you can go into:

  • Wicca
  • Hermeticism
  • Voodoo
  • Norse Magic

These are just a few examples and honestly you don't even have to follow a set path or believe in any gods. There are plenty of ecclectic and solitary witches (I use witch to refer to both genders) who use a mixture of different magical concepts to perform magic.

Pick something that sounds cool, look it up with google, get books if your into it and get casting! But remember, learn the basics are the same for everyone so learn and keep doing them first.

Another piece of advice, magic can be free. Many disciplines of magic use objects to help bolster the effect of a spell, like incense wands, etc. Those can be completely unnecessary, and for a witch with a lot of willpower and a small budget.

Another thing to know about magic is that magic can only do a few things. It can allow manipulation and observation of things on a purely spiritual level, like astral projection or divination. It can also impact events and mindsets so that you get outcomes you want.

Werewolves are a nice example of magical limits. You can use magic to take on to take on the personality traits of a wolf (aggressive territorialness, slavish need for social structure), you can use magic to be like a wolve in a spiritual and astral sense.

However you can't use magic to splice human and wolf DNA, have that DNA express itself, make a person survive the ripping and rearranging of all their bodies tissues, create mass for gaining stature and muscle out of nowhere, and all the other impossibilities behind being a werewolf.

Spells that turn one thing into another without any logic, or spells tat break the laws of physics in general just don't work.

You can't cast a spell on a man to make him handsome. But you can cast a spell that will make him more likely to find flattering clothes, or diet, or help people see his personality despite his appearance.

You can cast a spell on a young boy to make him more likely to be a handsome man, but that would take some strong magic, and manipulate his future so that he is more likely to go to the gym, take care of his appearance etc.

Hopefully this helps you understand what's possible and what's not.

Spells that promise to do impossible things on this site are called fluff spells. This site is full of them. Don't even bother getting spells off of this site unless they are from a serious coven or the spell is given to you by another person and you can follow its logic.

Frankly it's just easier to make your own spells

So to recap:

  • Start with basics, which you can find at the top of the General Info thread
  • Find a magical path
  • Stay away from stupid fluff spells. They are a waste of energy and time.
  • Using your magical path you can create spells that don't violate the laws of nature. Different magical paths have their own logic about what spells work and what spells don't
    In voodoo cursing your enemies is totally a possibility, while wiccans would pay a terrible price for even trying.

Hopefully this is comprehensive enough to get you started

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Re: please I need to know...
Post # 3
Thanks, yeah and as for that werewolf guy I do not believe in werewolves, no offense, but yeah thanks I will do a little research... it may take a while, but I am sure it will work out for me... If any other suggestions other people have then please do tell me... I will research a little bit first... Thanks!
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