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No Subject

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No Subject
Post # 1
A friend of mine (he is a druid, and claims to be part of a group he calls the "Forest Guardians?) and I went into the woods for a camping trip and to practice some things. To make a staff, He cut down a small tree. After which he took a sapling and some dirt and placed it inside a split in the newly formed stump. I told him two things I always put into practice: never take from a live tree, and never kill a tree for your purpose.

As the night went on we could sense the presence of spirits as he tried to enchant the staff. The enchantment backfired, and none of our spells seemed to have any effect whatsoever. We did burn some insence which seemed to help.

Did we make forest spirits angry or was it just an off night? Also what was the significance of the sapling in the stump?
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2
You could have just been in the forest on an off night. You hadn't said you were harmed or anything, but I wouldn't doubt your friend irritated some spirits. But I also wouldn't jump to conclusions.

As for the saplings in the stump, it's just to help that tree "re-grow" so to speak. It's what some logging companies do when they clear forests. They replenish the sites with saplings so that trees can grow back.
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Re: No Subject
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I would rather not consider such person as anything like Forest Guardian.I can not believe he killed the tree.There is not guarantee that this tree and sapling will survive.Making graft on trees and shrubs require time ,skills and further more care.Plus some trees are easier to survive and put new shoots some do not do that they just die.From what I understood he never asked the tree for permission and even so I do not know what tree will die for stranger just to be made a staff.There is another further more humane way to make staff.Which is to wait till spring comes and notice if some of the lower branches of the big trees need to be cut ,because they are already dead.Such branches need to be removed so disease do not spread or the tree does not get attacked by insects that eat dead wood.In this way he would have helped the tree and required the wood he needs.The tree would have been happy and grateful and probably its spirit would have blessed the staff.I will not be surprised if the spirit of the place got angry.If I was you I would consider returning and planting few more trees and leaving offerings.For druids trees are sacred and pretty much alive and they are allies that should be won over as such not killed.He cannot be druid having so poor knowledge about trees and so low respect and care for them.
The tree will soon need branches and leaves so it can collect energy and food ,but if the sapling is shaded by the other bigger trees it will not stand much of a chance.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 4
When you go into the forest in search of anything that you plan on using to make any kind of tool or instrument. It is always a good rule of thumb to ask the spirit of the wooded area to direct you to the item you're looking for. Once you arrive at the object, if it is a tree you must speak to the spirit of that tree if it would be willing to go through the transformation from its present living state into a different living thing. If it agrees, then and only then can you use it, otherwise it will not retain your energy nor will it have any magickal attributes. A Druid who has studied knows they have the power to wake up the spirit of trees and to hear their wisdom whether it be spoke or if it be of a song carried by the wind.
The guardian spirits of the Forrest were upset but had understanding of your friends lack of wisdom & knowledge. That is why things happened.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 5
thank ya'll for your input, as i said I told him not to take from a live tree. for myself, we have a two hundred year old oak who drops several large limbs a year during storms. I always get everything I need from what is given, and it is always more than enough. It is doubtful that I will practice with him again, unless he learns a few things. He did attempt an "apology" but did not ask permission of the tree itself. When the guardian spirits became offended at his actions we did burn some incense as a sacrifice.
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