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My past life??

Forums ► Misc Topics ► My past life??
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My past life??
Post # 1
My names Evelen and I was curious if anyone one this site knew anything on past lives?
See I found this spell online that shows who you were in your past life with a mirror. So I did this spell but also my own spell. My own spell would make me dream of my past life.
Anyways, in the mirror I saw a oriental pale girl with blue eyes only that they were glowing. Then I would see shadows on my face forming into a wolf? But then a old creepy women appeared smirking at me as if she's seen me before and knew that I was going to do this.
I instantly started feeling scared and blew out the candle. I then went to bed.
When I was sleeping I had a strange dream that I was the oriental girl but naked and the old women was dragging me towards this door. Her hands were gripping my wrist super tight, and I was scared. She opened the door and threw me into this damp dark cellar. There was an off white candle flickering on the ground.
The old lady said, "You will always be mine." She then started to chant something in a language I didn't know (Latin or something), but my past life chick somehow knew that it was a binding/slave spell.
I then woke up with my left and gripping tightly to my right wrist. I simply ignored it and went back to bed. My dream then was just black and in the background I heard the old women continuing with the spell.
I woke up again and my left hand was once again grabbing my right wrist. I then drew a protective symbol on my left palm and went back to bed. I had no dream and woke up with my left hand being normal.
I was just wondering if anyone knows what this means. I know it all sounds kind of crazy, but I'm being completely serious.
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Re: My past life??
Post # 2
That I can believe. But the old woman, did you feel she was meant to be there? In your past life? Because if she wasn't, there is the possibility that she is an entity of some sort trying to block you from seeing your past lives. To say that you will always be hers and a binding spell, did she mean even after death, or until you died? That's another question. Because if she meant after death too, it means you'll be likely to meet her again in this life.
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Re: My past life??
Post # 3
First off I want to say thank you for taking this seriously. I am happy that someone who actually has knowledge to this topic replied.
To answer your questions;
I felt that I have seen her before just not in this life.
When I was dreaming about my past life (when I was the oriental girl) I felt that she meant forever hers as in forever. And for some reason I couldn't stop her. All I know is that she scares me.
And the fact that you say I will meet her again kind of freaks me out. Cause I did a tarot card reading on my self recently and I got the high priests card in my future spot (which could mean that a strong powerful that has influence on me well make herself present).
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Re: My past life??
Post # 4
** meant high priestess**
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Re: My past life??
By: / Novice
Post # 5
maybe research lucid dreaming and/or controlling your dreams?

keep a dream journal and prior to sleep tell yourself firmly, when I dream I will be in control

then maybe talk to the figures in your dream.

read on it and see if that could be helpful. it sounds like you are experiencing the dream through a third person perspective?

that's kind of unusual.

Good luck!

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Re: My past life??
Post # 6
Maybe you wore neither but a third person watching it, fore some reason , but some visions of past lives can be medafors like the idea is the same just in your mind like for a example someone gets double crossed by someone close to them in their past live, but in their vision they sea the person stabbing them in the back with a nice, but to be on the safe side if someone you just meat seams familiar even in a good way because not all paths go as strate forward as they seam at the beginning (sounds batter in latvian) be suspicious batter safe than locked up in some crazy persons whose, but I never really bothered with all this past live junk , my insides are purely based on what I have red, strange bow that your story made me nervous fore some reason (people who now me would agree that its strange), if you wouldn't mind would you tell me more if there is more, like the century, I feel compelled to know more (which is even more strange for me because while I get curious sometimes I newer really ask)
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Re: My past life??
Post # 7
Well I never really thought about the whole metaphor thing.
But I have had one other dream of my past life.
It was a lot peaceful and happy though.
It first starts out as me (being the oriental girl) in these woods
it's really snowy and I can c my breath. I'm wearing this worn
out robe that is like this rough brown/tan cloth.
I felt as if I was running from something yet somehow got lost
In these woods. Then these two (I think) snow tigers came around
me. One was on each side of me. Yet, for some reason
I did not feel completely scared. Like I felt I had a chance of living.
Yet, then my dream jumps to being in this wooden wagon with no top.
My hand is on fur pelts of snow tigers. I look up and there are these small hill covered in snow. I look to my side and see this oriental
rough looking man with a black beard and black shaggy hair, and he's wearing this thick armor made out of animal skin(or something I'm not sure what). He looks mean, but for some reason I felt safe with him and feel happy when I see him. I thank him for saving me and put my head on his shoulder.
I then wake up.
I'm not sure what time it is, but that's all the information I have.
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