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Magic & overrated belief

Forums ► General Info ► Magic & overrated belief
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Magic & overrated belief
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
In this thread I will try to explain few basic words and their official and personal usage.Also I will try to explain that strong believing will not grant you all wishes despite all existing laws of Universe on all levels since the beginning of the time.

Physical world has its own physical laws and you can not define them just with belief.Even if you have the greatest belief in yourself and magic you can not physically define the gravity pull of the earth (for example)with normal means.Magic is often mistaken as the art to change physical things by will.It is very often fallacy of reasoning due to the vague usage of words.Further more in English the word magic has many meanings as we can see from its definition in an online dictionary.

"1. the art of producing illusions, as by sleight of hand.
2. the practice of using various techniques, as incantation, to exert control over the supernatural or the forces of nature.
3. a result of such practice.
4. power or influence exerted through this practice.
5. any extraordinary influence or power.
6. done by or employed in magic: a magic trick.
7. mysteriously enchanting, skillful, or effective."

Source :The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Note ,that nowhere is mentioned that magic allows you to do any impossible feat that can come in your mind.The only thing mentioned is control over forces of nature ,which again should not be taken literally.

In the courses I am currently undertaking (Modern European Mysticism and Psychological thought ) another definition for it has been given ,which is also very vague.It states that magic changes the actual world.However the perception of your actual word is not fixed and same for all people ,thus the same actual world can be different for everyone ,because if their perception changes or their senses then their understanding of this actual world changes too.In fact mysticism by definition allows you to change this perception of this supposedly super solid/fixed reality.

On other hand magic is not only believe it can be seen as a state of existence and being and this state is what allows you to see the flow of forces visible and invisible around you and attune to them better.This does not mean that you can go against the flow of those forces forever.All in the Universe follows its own flow and to go against is the same as to try to swim against the current it is not healthy thing to do.The Idea is that we can influence or attune better to changes in the flow that are anyway ready to occur and take advantage of them.Think of it as the Ebb and Flow of the sea.Many forget the fact that every power has equal power against itself ,so the Universe is not stagnant place and there is place for development and growth.

We are just one of the creatures on this World and in this Universe,why should we have the power to change and shape it as we please out of boredom and hunger for power?What might be good for me might be bad for someone/something else.We are all connected.Plus as long as you have flesh your body has to follow the physical laws and because your soul is attached still to it it must follow certain rules too.Every being even the spiritual one operates ,within the limit they have been giving due to their kind ,perception and energy.You can push your physical limit to certain extend with a lot of physical training and you can push your emotional and energy limit too slowly ,but there is a breaking point that can damage all of those for they are connected system.Thus you can not develop your astral and energy body and simply forget that you are currently also physical being.Will plays also big role in magic and will is not belief.Also there are few types of believes the belief of your mind ,the belief of your emotions (subconscious) and the belief of your soul.People wrongly assume that if they have belief of the mind this is all they need and it is done.The whole is made out of its part.What happens more often is that there is discord between the parts of the whole and the mind is not always aware of it ,especially at fist few stages.You see that things are not so simple described with so simple on first glance words like believe and magic.Most people attach only one meaning to them and stick for it ,but some people attach and connect many meanings.If someone does not share your interpretation to those words this does not make them automatically non believer.Everyone has the right to decide where to put his own limits and and to what to believe. We have to strive to understand that when it comes to magic the sky is the limit is strongly exaggerated belief and if we fallow this we are bound to fail.Constant disappointment it is not healthy for your self-trust and self-esteem.Why would you want us to give people(especially kids) empty hopes?To do this is is often much more cruel than to remind them where their physical limits are.I personally will never allow myself to give false hope to fellow human being only to see them dishearten few days later down the line.
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Re: Magic & overrated belief
Post # 2
I think this is a very helpful and well needed post!
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Re: Magic & overrated belief
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Artindark this says it succinctly. I get this feeling that sometimes people have preconceived notions based on media which is fun and cool to watch but is fiction, ...pure imagination.

Imagination is great but in terms of practicality needs to be governed by reason. reason is useful for understanding the physical world and interacting with it.

that's what im taking away from your post and sometimes it just needs to be reiterated...


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Re: Magic & overrated belief
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Now if more will read this, maybe understanding limits of what can happen, they will more understand what magick can and can't do. No disappointment needs to happen if one knows how it works. So true, Arti, about giving false hope just for them to be let down, and possibly give up. Keep on trying and keep on learning. You will better yourself once you understand, and really learn what one can do. Blessed Be...
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