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Tingly Tickly feeling?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Tingly Tickly feeling?
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Tingly Tickly feeling?
Post # 1
So another use brought this up and reminded me that i experience this phenomenon as well. When i started doing magic during the Summer of 2013 i did a lot of moon related spells at night. This is back when i was still naive on what magic could and couldn't do (I watch to much TV....)

I started getting really scared.... so i burned a lot of the spells that i did and prayed for forgiveness and what not. Well the next night when i was sleeping i got this really ANNOYING feeling like ants were crawling on my scalp and forehead traveling down my back and let me tell you it didn't feel like 10 or 20 it felt like a STAMPEDE. I was so uncomfortable i couldn't even get to sleep. It was hard to get up and i couldn't move but managed to move to the couch for the night. So then i started seeing really BIG pop in my face number syncs and i started seeing flashy lights when i was sleeping.

This tingly feeling is still happening! It's not as bad it happens during the day but it usually happens the most at night and it bothers me from sleeping but no the point where it's impossible like before. I already asked my teacher about this and i think what she said was completely incorrect!

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling
Post # 2
Oh dear, lol. I used to have panick attacks for many years while i was developing my senses and coming into awareness of my abilities for years. I wont go against what your teacher is telling you, and whether they are reputible is for you to decide. Obviously a disagreement or two on ones personal belief doesn't constitute anything of the sort. But anyway. It scared me because i didnt know what was happening. Sometimes i take a benadryl. Rarely.

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
You may be tricking yourself for the guilt you feel about doing those spells. Try to get over it and move on. Some meditation might help. You need to figure out what your beliefs are. Magick may not be your thing. That's ok. But don't keep punishing yourself. You don't need to do that. You asked for forgiveness, what is your belief? Do you think you were forgiven? I would, if God is all forgiving, for instance. So yeah, drink some chamomile/mint tea and relax. And by all means forgive yourself!

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
Post # 4
Oh lol i'm not scared anymore! ;) That was waaaay back. ;) I used to be scared and get horrible nightmares and stuff because my mom being baptist thinks magic is evil and stuff. (She doesn't know i do it though) Anyways i did stop magic for about a month but after my dad saw me take interest with witches on tv and stuff he told me that he actually knew a lady who was a witch (My dad is very spiritual...) so i told him about what i was doing and i got back into it again. Me and my teacher both have different beliefs because i am a Catholic and she kept telling me all these things weren't real and blah blah blah. I don't listen to that stuff though just the magic part of what she says lol.

Anyways yea so i'm not panicing or anything i don't feel guilty about it at all anymore, in fact i have spells that i just did like one week ago. The tingly feeling just happens at the most random moments and a lot more when i'm trying to fall asleep at night. My teacher told me it was a spirit or something.

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
Post # 5
Also looking back i don't think there was anything to forgive. I was to close-minded and caught up in my traditional ways of thinking that i thought everything else was wrong. Glad i got over that though.

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
You do not need to feel panicked or even feel upset to have an anxiety attack. In fact, most attacks occur when you are beginning to or have already begun to relax. You see, it is adrenaline picking up during a period when you do not need it also known as "fight or flight". It can cause everything from tingles, to numbness, to fever and fainting. The list is incredibly long. But the one tell tale sign is it springing up during a "quiet time" of your day.

Chronic stress can cause it, but so can physical things like not getting good sleep, having too much caffeine, not eating well or enough (glucose levels), hormone fluctuations, and the list really goes on.

My advice is to begin writing a daily log about what you do (eat, sleep, activities, events) and find the common link to when you begin to feel the tingling sensation. Cut out the caffeine and sugar entirely for a while, eat well, sleep well, meditate often, and see if it goes away. If it does you can begin to slowly and gradually introduce things like coffee, tea, pop, sweets, etc. and if it comes back, you know where your limit is. Everyone is different.

If it continues, you may want to check with your doctor to make sure you have no imbalances in your body that are causing this. If you are a teenager, it is most likely stress and hormones, but it's always good to double check.

I was born with a heart condition (MVP) that caused anxiety attacks for much of my life (age 6-24). Mine didn't just occur like an attack but was an adrenal trigger that could last days without stopping. I'd go to sleep with it, and wake up with it. So I fully understand all that it can do.

With a change in lifestyle I was able to stop my symptoms completely, but it took a long time, and a lot of research and the wisdom of a particular wonderful lady Zebra that I met here many years ago ;)

That's why it's important to talk to a doctor if it doesn't stop by merely taking care of yourself and there is no concerning stress in your life. It could be an indication of a health condition. What you choose to do after you are diagnosed is up to you, but let the professionals discover what is wrong if there is anything.

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
Post # 7
Does 19 still count as a teen? LOL idk. But i have been stressed out A LOT lately for tons of reasons. It's really hard for me because my parents don't really understand and stuff but ANYWAYS that's getting into side stuff. Keeping a log is a good idea... i'ma do that i used to log what i ate but i stopped. I'm going to the doctor soon anyways so i'll get checked. Also i'm not really good at meditating... i mean i try to but i get distracted REALLY easily REALLY REALLY easily. My mind is always so flooded with so many rampaging thoughts that its hard for me to concentrate but i'll try.

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
Post # 8
The tingly feeling was probably you trying to ward off the spells you did. Moon spells are very powerful, such as werewolves, and trying to stop yourself from thinking about it. Think of it like this- half of you us trying to ward it of and half of you is keeping it in.

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
Post # 9
I get these so called ' tingly tickly feelings' quite often. At first i thought that it was just a side affect of something. Soon after I realized it coincided with my magickal work along with my spirit sightings. I started to watch for when i felt this, and when I did if there were any contributing factors. Eventually i came to a conclusion. Today i like to say that this feeling is something trying to catch my attention, such as a spirit, god/goddess, or just my intuition acting up. People who have very open crown chakras are more susceptible to this. I suggest grounding yourself and meditating in a cleansed area, and maybe listening to your intuition. One last thing, there are plenty of christian and catholic witches out there, in fact my reiki teacher is a christian witch. So believe what you want to believe and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Re: Tingly Tickly feeling?
Post # 10
Well i don't know why a spirit would be trying to get my attention for unless it wants to tell me not to be so depressed all the time, but i've never had any sort of contact with the spiritual world before. And i'm 95% sure those "Moon spells" i did in the beginning did not even work... the ones that i let go through full term did not even give me what i had asked for so yea. I spoke to my teacher about this because i was confused i mean i just don't get it. I haven't done anything to cause any sort of spiritual being to start contacting me or anything my teacher told me that i "opened a door" when i started doing magic and stuff but i still don't think it's that easy. That would mean anyone could open a book recite some spell and then a spirit starts stalking them.

Everyone is asking me to meditate even in messages. Like i said i'm not good at it but i will try. Also i'm not to familiar with this "ground and centering" stuff either i'm still in training i don't know how to do that.

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