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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Role-Playing(opinion)
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Post # 1
I was looking through some recent threads, and found that quite a handful of them had people who were 'Role-Playing'. Why is it such a big deal on this site?

I personally do not think it should be worth a Ban or account gag. I think we should let the people believe what they want. If they want to believe they can transform at midnight and drink the blood of Humans and Animals without a problem, why not let them believe what they want? There's no point in arguing with some of them. In a few of the threads, the people started big fights with other people.
For some, if they believe they have a tail and wings, they can 'feel' and 'control' them, but they aren't even real. In the Astral Plane, I have a Dragon form and a Wolf form. Out side of the Astral Plane, I can 'feel' my astral tail and wings, as well as the ears and frills I have in my Dragon Form.

So why is it worth a ban or a gag, or, in your opinion, should it even be worried about? Most of us know it's all fake.

Re: Role-Playing(opinion)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

It is a "big deal" because it is a clear violation of the site rules created by the Site Administrator which everyone who posts here at SOM agreed to when they started posting. Specifically it says:

I understand that this is not a RP (Role Playing) website and the public chatter is NOT for RP purposes. If I RP I will be gagged and the gag will not be removed.
RPing includes claims of impossible feats and accomplishments. Remember there are many moderators who have been pagans, wiccans and students of the occult far longer than you and we know what is possible and we will know when you are lying.

People are free to believe in whatever they wish, but they are not free to violate the site rules. I'll also point out that arguing the rules can also result in negative actions.

Re: Role-Playing(opinion)
Post # 3
I agree that it is a big deal especially because there are a lot of youngsters who are on this website who unfortunetly will believe in these fantasies also its a turn off for some serious people who genuinely are seeking to learn. I understand that in the astral plane you might transform into whatever you want but here in this time and space we are humans and its not healthy to encourage people that they can be otherwise so im personally grateful for this rule.

Re: Role-Playing(opinion)
Post # 4
I know it's part of the rules, and we abide by them when we sign up. Therefore, you would expect all members to read them when they sign up. Many don't, they should get a warning or something first before just getting their account gagged.
I'm not supporting RPing or anything, but it seems there is more 'i will believe what i want' more than 'i haven't read the rules'. But it's my opinion. You all think differently.

Maybe there should be two separate forums for 'Vampires', 'Werewolves', or 'Shape Shifters', and something of the like. Then, it would be easier to see who didn't read the rules..? Obviously, all of these on the physical plane do not exist.
Perhaps there should be a Confirmation of the rules before we're allowed to post?

Re: Role-Playing(opinion)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Many of them do indeed get warnings before they are gagged, but there is no requirement that a warning be given. If they don't read the rules or they decide the rules don't apply to them then perhaps they shouldn't be posting here. It's a matter of taking personal responsibility for your actions.

Re: Role-Playing(opinion)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
If a new member can not take the time to read the rules why should we (Mods) give a warning?
Personally I will give a warning if the offense is not to serious, but if it is serious that is a gag no warning and no removing.
All I'll say is if you want to "Role Play" find a site for that. This site is for those that are serious about magick not playing games.

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