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Moderators (Good Job)

Forums ► Comments ► Moderators (Good Job)
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Moderators (Good Job)
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I think we all need to give a big applause to all the moderators on the site for being so good at what they do. Sure sometimes we think they are harsh but we need to understand that what they do is not easy and that they work really hard to keep this site educated and its members are a happy and peaceful community

Thank you to al the moderators who are still with us today.

Sincerely Draconius and all of SoM

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
Post # 2
I LOVE how you write ''Sincerely Draconius and all of SoM'' while most/some people don't like the moderators...
Speak for yourself..

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
Post # 3
Sometimes we mistake and become harsh to moderators. Actually, we shouldn't. Controlling over 20,0000 members is not a child's game! They check every detail,every moment, every steps of members. They gag us. But not as a punishment,As a lesson. They help us anyway they can so that we have our desired answer through forums,chatter and articles. I salute to all the moderators!

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
Post # 4

*starts to applaud in favor of the Moderators*

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
Post # 5
Moderators have come to my aid countless times whether it be with another member or a question i have. A moderators job is no childs play and i have some experience with owning/administrating chatrooms and game servers. its a tough job and most dont like punishing others. but without order is chaos and chaos divides. so bravo Mods and keep up the excellent work.

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Wow InHiding you know since you don't have a profile photo or profile description i think you have been on SoM much less than us. Try not to be so judgmental moderators are here to make sure our community doesn't go crazy and stays in order so kindly go somewhere else to complain - Merry yule to you

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Your appreciation is appreciated, heh. I think a lot of members fail to realize that we moderators aren't getting paid to moderate the site- we do it out of a love for the site, and a desire to help the members here. The time we dedicate here is our own, for your benefit as well as ours. We don't like punishing members, as much as members don't like getting punished. So thank you for the post. Don't forget to thank the editors too. They help organize the forums, and keep an eye on the site too!

Much thanks, Isadora.

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
Post # 8

Draconius, I do believe what Inhiding stated was valid. It is very rude to basically demand that all members applaud the Moderators, and to assert something on the behalf of the community. Not everyone shares the same opinion of the Moderators on this website, and there is a fairly large percentage of people who detest those with a Moderator position, each for their respective reasons.

Furthermore, your aggressive response to Inhiding's opinion alludes that you made this post simply to gain "brownies points" with the moderators, and possibly to attain a higher ranking. Also, keep in mind that anyone can make a new account and thus there is a fair chance that Inhiding had/has an account much older than yours.

I'm glad to see that you are happy with those who moderate the website, but please respect other people's opinions and do not speak for other people. I myself have no disputes with the moderators, and I appreciate the work they do on the site to keep the order, but I don't tolerate such rude comments about someone's opinion. It is Inhiding's choice to make on his opinion of the moderators, just because you have a different opinion is no reason to bash his.

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
I don't want "Points" from anyone. This post was made because its yule/christmas and this is a time of kindness and giving the point of this post was to tell the moderators they are helping out even though some people might dislike them please don't post here if you want to make assumptions like that.

Re: Moderators (Good Job)
Post # 10
Sinix0, thats not what eyes meant. Thex were simply trying to enhance the peace and tranquility we desire as human beings. The comments made after the audible applause were from a new acco?nt. And if they had another account and been gagged then or are just new then eyesofzues opinion is valid anyway! People want to complain about all of these things wrong with the site and then make more problems that could be worked out between us.

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