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Name: Draconius
Location: In the labyrinth of my mind.
Gender: Male
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my name is Draconius. I am a shaman as goes the name of my practice and I study quite a large array of things that go from herbal magik all the way to astral projection and greek mythology. I am glad to answer any serious questions people feel I should answer with a serious response and I have no issue with (trying) to explain my practices to others and allow them to delve further into what I believe. The only conditions I have for messaging and contacting me are (1) Please be respectful towards me, yourself and others in your messages and (2) Count to ten before messaging me and really think about why you have chosen me to speak to you (don't just send me a message because you saw my profile and you were bored). I now believe that this part of my profile is concluded.
Have a great day,
What I practice:
Element preferences: Ice,Water,Snow
~ Rune Reading
~ Norse and Greek magik/mythology
~ Astaru and Shamanism
~ Elemental Manipulation
~ Stadhagaldr (Runic Yoga)
~ Runic Interpretation
~ Emotional Projection
~ Herbal Spells
~ Galdr
My Deities:
~ Fjorgyn
~ Freya
~ Heimdall
~ Aegir
~ Bragi