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Breathing Techniques
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Technique 1:
Breath of Joy
This is one of my favorites and I can't help, but giggle when I do it. This will require you to stand up and have some space. **WARNING: If you have back pain or anything that might cause you pain when you bend over or causes you pain do not attempt.**
1) First you will raise both arms directly in front of you to about chest height straight in front of you. When you do said motion take a small inhale. Do NOT breath in all the way.
2)Then swing outwardly to each arms respective side. Arms should be slightly in front of chest creating a wide 'V' shape, if it were seen from above. Another small inhale. No filling up yet.
3) Now bring your arms directly above your head. Inhale the rest of the way.
4)Allow yourself to fall forward chest coming toward the ground as you exhale with a loud sigh/grunt.
5) Repeat.

Technique 2:
Letting Go Breath
This technique almost always induces what I would call a 'fuzzy' calmness of mind. This one can be taken from most any position that you find comfy. I usually do two or three in a set of these.
1)Big deep breath in.
2)Hold and breathe in a little more.
3)Big and complete exhalation.

Technique 3:
Alternating Nasal Breath
A sitting position is preferred with a lengthened spine if at all possible. It is said to help with balance and I have found this to be so, for me. Please feel free to share how it affects you.
1)Place your right hand just above your nose one the 'third eye'.
2)Close your right nostril with your thumb and breath in through through the left nostril.
3)Release right nostril and close left with pinky and exhale through right nostril.
4) Breathe in through right nostril.
5)Uncover left and cover right. Exhale through left.

Technique 4:
Coherent Breathing
My favorite method overall. It helped achieve a deeper meditative state and double my non-assisted meditation time. This should be done in a sitting, preferably cross legged, position. Try to keep the spine as long and tall as possible. The number of seconds can be changed, but the exhale must take as long as the inhale.
1)Breath in for a count of four.
2)Exhale for a count of four.

Technique 5:
Three Part Breathing
The point of this exercise is to work different part of the body, separately, but smoothly. It helps to bring awareness about too. For this technique lying on your back or a sitting position is preferred though I suppose you could try it standing and share what you think. It helps to visualize the breath. Also, when you do this be mindful of your back. Feel if it tightens up or not. If it does try and relax those spots.
1)Bring your breath in and direct your breath into your stomach. Allow your stomach to expand and fill completely. Do not allow your breath to move upward.
2)Exhale and press (not using your hands) your stomach into your spine.
3)Repeat three times.
4)Inhale and draw the breath in filling the stomach and then moving upward and filling the rib cage. (Side note: It is important to go from stomach to ribs)
5)Exhale down through the ribs emptying out and then moving on to the stomach.
6)Repeat 3 times. (Just in case it's a little confusing don't start over with only the stomach again xD)
7)Inhale filling the stomach, into the ribs and then fill the chest.
8)Exhale down starting at the chest, then ribs, and then emptying the stomach.
9)Repeat three times.

Technique 6:
Sun Breath
This breath warms the body, specifically the chest area. It also brings attention to the arms and chest area. Can be done from seated or standing position.
1)Get into position with the spine nice and tall, shoulders back, hands on knees/lap or ground (if standing place them at your sides), and sternum slightly lifted (raise chest upward).
2) Breathe in deeply through the nose into the chest, head should tip back, and hands will sweep up by the sides (make sure arms are extended and to not hit anything.
3)The arms should meet at the top and the end of the inhale.
4)Exhale and allow hands to sweep down. Allow head to tip forward.
5)Repeat as necessary.

Technique 7:
Lion's Breath
This breath while silly and not exactly appropriate for use in public, unless you don't mind staring eyes. This breath helps release tension. Though the first time you will tense into a smile. You can do this from most any position, sitting, standing, or otherwise.
1)Breath in through the nose, preferably deeply.
2)Cross eyes.
3)Allow the tongue to fall out of the mouth, much in the same fashion a heavily breathing dog's does.
4) Exhale with a dull roar, do not constrict the throat. It should sound almost like a pant.
5) Repeat as necessary.

Technique 8:
Wave Breath
This might be a thing already, but it came to me while I was meditating the other day. This breathe helps me to clear my mind of thoughts while also giving me a visual/energy mantra to focus on instead of a word, for more focused meditations. Even, to get into the mind set for a less focused meditation. It can help for as a sort of grounding as well. I suggest doing this laying down first as it is easier to get a handle on it and then you can adjust it as needed for upright positions.
1)First feel water/energy/breathe gathering at the bottom of your feet.
2)Breathe in deeply picture the pooled substance rolling up your body, much in the same way the tide rolls in.
3)Allow it to gather energy, thoughts, feeling, etc. as it rolls upward into your head where it washes the collection into a sphere.
4)Exhale and see the ball flow out on the tide back through your feet preferably into the Earth, or somewhere (Just give it a place to go).
5)Repeat as necessary.

Enjoy, there will be more, eventually. :D
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Re: Breathing Techniques
Post # 2
I enjoy reading this. Some of them were familiar others I have not done or read. Good job on the post love to see more.
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Re: Breathing Techniques
Post # 3

Technique 9:

Square Breathing

Not a breath of my own creation, but introduced to me by a multitude of memebers. This breath is great for altered states and clearing the mind. It will help you focus. This should be done in a comfy position. If the intent is an altered state lying down or siitting ina mediative postion is preferable.

  1. Breathe in for 4 beats
  2. Hold for 4 beats
  3. Exhale for 4 beats
  4. Hold out for beats
  5. Repeat as necessary.
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