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Please help id a spirit

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Please help id a spirit

Please help id a spirit
Post # 1
Hello. I just joined this site recently because I have a suspicion that one of my best friend's companion(of a sort)is hiding something. She and I are not particularly special. The spirit is a spirit, and has very little to no influence on our world. With all of that aside, I need to give description.
She and I both think that he is a demon. She is convinced that he is somehow a good demon.
This is a story that started in her early childhood. She was a fearful child. She was easily spooked, and was terrified of the dark, and at age 16 has not gotten over this fear. She was being helped get over it, but it started taking too long. Her father, with good intention, slammed the door, closed the blinds, and removed any possible source of light. She hid under her covers every night. She had no friends at all, and was very lonely. One night, a glowing red fox climbed on top of her, and she felt immediate comfort. It continued to visit her in her worst moments, including the arguments prior to her parents' divorce, and her experiences with bullying.
In the third grade, she met friends, and left the fox behind, because she was finally happy. She dealt with her first heartbreak with her first crush about a year ago. They both loved each other, or at least though they did, but never told each other. The guy moved far away, never to come back. That is when the fox came back. I had known her for over 2 years by this point, and was trying to suppress old feelings I had for her, as I comforted her. The two developed mutual romantic interest. The story is important because it provides clues as to what it could be, and what its purpose is.
He appears in three different "forms", as we call them. First is a normal red fox, with a trail of smoke instead of a tail. Second is terrifying. It has big sharp teeth, a somewhat psychotic, insane, mischievous grin, streaks of black lining his chest, seven tails of smoke, and extremely long, sharp claws. In this form, he walks on two feet and is hunched over quite often. His third form is a shadow of the second. He moves extremely quickly in this form. He acts like an incubus, but does not seem to be a leach of any sort. He is extremely skilled with fire manipulation. He likes to scare and harm smaller and weaker beings. I want to just get rid of it, but I don't want to hurt her unstable emotional state if it isn't necessary. Please, somebody out there tell me. If you know anything at all, or even have guesses, please do not hesitate to give any and all information you can. Anything is appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
Post # 2
Well, my first reaction was spirit animal. Then you mentioned how it shifts forms and the other forms don't quite fit a spirit animal. I don't want to say demon because demons don't work work that way. If it wasn't an animal, I would say it's a type of fairy. In fact, the more I think about it, the more inclined I am to say it is some time of fey. I would suggest researching about shapeshifting fey.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Has anybody else, apart from your friend, who has seen this fox? Or are you describing what your friend sees?
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Re: Please help id a spirit
Post # 4
I honestly don't know what it could be except a spirit of some sort which is obvious. I'm not sure if it's a demon, is it threatening to her? Does it make her scared? The most I would do to start out with is a protection spell or amulet, a cleansing, and then a banishing ritual. Don't forget to cast a protection circle every time either one of you does anything with magick (if she does I do not know) to keep other spirits and beings from getting attached too.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
Post # 5
I have seen it almost every day. Her mother, one of her friends, and her cousin have seen it.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
Post # 6
She gets a "comforting" feeling when it comes, and usually falls asleep. He has appeared in my dreams and used to be in hers.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
Post # 7
Too be honest with you, It would of been better if you worded it out better.

If it's a demon, just banish it. If she's scared the more its going to be attached to her ( if its not already attached). Their are many banishment rituals on this site.

Hope you resolve what ever is happening to your friend.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
Post # 8
Thank you all so much. Because of the great advice you have given, she and I can finally find if he is evil and terrifying, or just good and scary. I will post the answer within a week and a half. We have narrowed it down a lot thanks to all of you. Until we have the answer, may you all live long and prosper.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Why you guys do not ask the spiritual being ,about its nature?
We can only speculate here about its nature and reasons.
It might be even a thought form,she has created to help her to cope with all the challenges in her life since she had to be on her own for long time.It might be also something that has been created long ago as such thought form.
I think it is wrong to try to banish the being ,without getting to the bottom of the whole story.
The three forms state of being baffles me a lot,because there must be something that triggers this change and I do not think so this is happening randomly.
Just keep in mind that spiritual beings can lie too,and they might not tell you the truth just because you asked.
She must be connected in some way in this being ,from what I read above.She should relay on her gut feeling about how truthful is all it says or does.
You guys have to look through a lot.
I am also curious if you can see it too (with your mind's eye),or is it only she that sees it.This might provide some more clues for us to brainstorm upon further.
Jinns are made of smokeless fire ,and it is believed that they can assume the form of an animal.
It is good idea also if you do a research on the mythological being called Kitsune.
I am just giving you few ideas to research upon with your friend, as I mentioned we can only speculate what exactly it is ,because we do not have any sort of interaction with this being.
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Re: Please help id a spirit
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Don't banish it unless you know it's evil. It might be trying to help her.
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