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Please help - Ruined Life

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Please help - Ruined Life
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Please help - Ruined Life
Post # 1
Sorry for posting this thread twice, but my last one was deleted due to inappropriate language. Hopefully this thread will be fine.

I’m new here and would really appreciate some advice. Long story as short as possible… My ex-fiance’s father has broken up the engagement between his son and I because he thinks I’m “not good enough” for his son. The dad has humiliated me multiple times to my face, and in front of my family, he has ruined my name in my community by spreading lies about me, and has treated me like I am the trashiest girl alive yet I am by far the most conservative girl his son has dated. I know you’re probably thinking it’s my ex’s free will to marry me and his dad should have nothing to do with that decision but his father told his son multiple times that he will not be allowed to marry me, ever, and that if he wants to elope with me that he will either kill my ex-fiance, and then kill himself so he wont go to jail, or just kill himself and leave all his 4 children fatherless . His father has done crazy things in the past so his son believes him and is afraid to elope. My ex has been avoiding contact with his dad the last few weeks to teach him a lesson and I have been praying for that horrible man day after day to make him a better person, and give him acceptance in his heart for me again but I guess my prayers and my ex’s lack of communication backfired on us because the dad called me the other day, humiliating me more than ever, calling me every disgusting name in the book and making false accusations at me. I tried being calm, but he just kept calling me awful names and telling me that the only way his son and I would be together is in the afterlife. My family and I are outraged with how he is treating me and I want justice for this. He’s ruined both of our lives and I just want him to have a change of heart.

Please don’t tell me to just move on and get over it. His son is the love of my life, and I am his. We both have a very hard time falling in love yet fell very hard for each other. We are both miserable without each other, but the father is stopping at nothing to make sure we don’t ever end up together, and he has gotten all of my ex’s family to turn their back on my ex which is leaving him to be very weak to stand up for what is right since he has no support from his family. We’ve also had multiple people try to talk some sense into the man but that just makes him angrier at us.

I’ve tried doing spells to get rid of negative energy, and a freezer spell but they haven’t helped at all. I know that curses are not the right thing to do and I’ve been avoiding that route but I’m considering it since no girl deserves this type of treatment especially when I treated him and his family with love and respect while my ex and I were together. I’m not sure what else I can do at this moment. Would a return to sender or binding spell help my cause? Any ideas on what type of spell to use would be much appreciated.

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Re: Please help - Ruined Life
By: / Novice
Post # 2
run off with the son. the father's threatening his life, so you could get a restraining order, or some other court order slapped on him for threats on his life. you too could file actions against him for slander. granted you need proof. the whole 'he said, she said' argument doesn't hold up in court.

like i said before, move away and marry. magickally i would cast a protection spell, maybe a banishment spell to keep his father away. if what you say is true and it's all the fathers doing, your fiancee still loves you, you don't need a love spell [not that you should cast one] you need protection.

failing all the legal and magickal action, it's hard, but you need to think about what is best. you might both love each other, and running away to be together might be best, at the same time, your fiancee might decide the safety of his family is more important. final option [hard as it is] you might learn that what's best is to let him go, no matter how painful it is. 'if you love something, set it free' as i've always been told. hopefully everything works out positively though.
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Re: Please help - Ruined Life
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
If the love is true and meant to be it will happen. You will find a way to be together. Please let nature takes it's course do not rush into using magick it could end very badly for you both.
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Re: Please help - Ruined Life
Post # 4
Thank you guys for the advice and thoughtful words! I’d love to sue him for ruining my reputation, I will look into that more, and will try to do that if I feel it’s my last resort. We have talked about getting a restraining order but we feel that it’ll make matters worse because then his father would really try to do something awful to my ex or I and he doesn’t want to lose his father, he just wants his father to be reasonable and have a change of heart. Also, we’ve discussed moving away to be together but it’s not a very realistic option since he just bought a house that was meant to be for us a few months ago, and he has built up 10 years of clientele in his field. It would be wrong to ask him to leave all that behind and completely abandon both of our families to get away from his dad/family. We both don’t want to live our lives on the run and we just want his father to accept me again the way he used to. I like the idea of a banishment spell to keep his father away but with him living 3 miles away from my ex and constantly driving by his house to spy on him, I don’t think it’ll help. My ex and I have a very true love and respect for one another but it has been hard to have faith that we’ll ever get to be together again after this whole ordeal which is why I wanted to see if there was anything I could do magically to help the situation. I will try the spell that I found entitled removing an obstacle from your relationship, hopefully that will help. :)
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