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Spell to get back an ex..

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Spell to get back an ex..
Post # 1
Before I beg and plead for anyone to help me cast a spell to bring my ex boyfriend back and make him fall in love with me I think I need to give you a bit of background. If you'll bear with me.

My ex-boyfriend and I met back in 2006 and became friends. He lived in DC and I in NJ and we still do. After we stopped seeing each other we kept in contact via text, FB and phone. A few months ago he started texting me talking about how he always liked me etc. After much thought I decided that even though there is a distance to give it a try.

We talked every day for over a month because I was unavailable at that time to get together on the weekends. Once my weekend commitment ended we planned to get together and I would go spend a weekend at his house in DC. So I went to DC and we were instantly crazy about each other. Even though we hadn't seen each other in years. I was supposed to stay a couple days and that stretched into more. I even went back the next weekend. We moved pretty fast I understand. We talked about marriage and kids and he kept hinting that he wanted me to move to DC with him. He started suggesting ways to start my makeup business in his area.

Two weekends ago I went to DC again and things just seemed to not be normal. He seemed more distant even though he was still very attentive if that makes sense. I went on a Saturday and went home Tuesday morning. That Monday we had gotten into an argument about where our relationship was and if we were on the same page. We were in a sense but he I realized was getting scared about the progress of our relationship. He admitted he has many insecurities and even though he wants to be with someone he had always just thought he was meant to be alone in life.

So after a stressful week he calls me this past Monday morning. And he breaks up with me. He told me he just is not ready, and that he cares about me more than I could know and if he was ready he would want me etc. etc. I was and still am devastated.

So my question is is there a spell that can change his thoughts? Make him be ready? Or can anyone suggest a spell to bring him back to me and love me and forget his insecurities?

Please help!!!!

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Re: Spell to get back an ex..
Post # 2
just give him some time, let him sort things out. if you should cast a spell cast one that makes him call you. a phone spell. and open the line of communications again. and agree with him on some points and that you guys should take it slower, you know pull back let him hunt you a little. and then over time do some spells that makes the love he already has for you to grow.
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Re: Spell to get back an ex..
Post # 3
Can you recommend any spells to open the lines of communication?
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Re: Spell to get back an ex..
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
There are a lot of different options you can look into.

If you want him to just be open to communication first, I'd use a sweetening jar (using sugar). You can find more information about it by looking up Honey Jar on here, or looking up sweetening jars/honey jars online.

There's a lot of different things you can add to it, do with it, etc, so a search and reading your options will give you a better idea as to what will work best for you.
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