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Crumbling at the seams
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I have this one friend(we all know someone like this) who is supposedly mostly Wiccan I think, but anyway, he has the most unlikely stories ever. Here I will list a few:
He and his dog have been cursed with immortality spells.
He can't die.
His dog cant(obviously).
He's been I heaven and hell.
When he gets bored he has a fight with a demon for control of his body.
He can blow stuff up(literally) on command.
He has stabbed himself three times in the ribs with a barbecue knife. Apparently it didn't bleed and he saw his heart beating inside his chest.
He can supposedly teleport around the world.
He supposedly can't feel pain.
He's teleported to Antarctica.
He can teleport himself indie video games for up to 3 hours at a time. After that he has to do it again.

I don't believe he can do any of these things and he can give me no explanation as to how any of these are possible.

Also don't hate me for this but I'm straight all the way and he tried to sexually assault me one time which Almost resulted in me stabbing him with a bait knife.

He also says he has an IQ of 160 and that he's smarter than me when he consistently gets Ds and I get As. He's stayed back twice(so far).

He is a threat to my parental learning about magic(they don't know).

His family all has drinking problems and drug problems, and his dad is in jail for Child Pornogaphy and Sexual abuse. He's constantly trying to get me to come over his house for "Watermelon Jell O Shots" which are apparently watermelon jello mixed with vodka.

I'm 13, he's 14.

He's extremely unpopular but he has a girlfriend.

Also my mom thinks he's the nicest most decent kid in the world.

All this seems like I'm in a bit of a predicament here, and I can't seem to not be friends with him. Also he's been blabbering about some of this crazy stuff at school and people are noticing and are starting to ignore me. So basically my life is starting to crumble at the seams and I don't know what I should tell him or my parents to get him out of my life. It's starting to cause worse problems every week, and I really need some advice as to what I should say/do. HELP ME!

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Re: Crumbling at the seams
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According to his bio on this site he has a black and white aura. I don't even know if that's possible?!?! Sorry for the above novel, this stuff bounces around in my head all day and when it vents it keeps on going a Whole Bunch.

Re: Crumbling at the seams
By: / Knowledgeable
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Have a sit down with your mother, despite what you think she thinks of him, and let it all out. All the things you've seen and heard, all the things he's done and how it makes you feel.

Start it off with "I need some advice". She may think he's a great kid now, but if she see's your concern it should make a difference.

Re: Crumbling at the seams
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I understand, I really do. There was this kid at my high school, (I graduated, but when I was in school.) That told everyone he was a:
-7,000 year old werewolf
-That he was the head of the northern pack, and that all werewolves were under his control.
-a necromancer
-the most powerful spell caster alive
-he was on the council of wizards (The president no less)
-He could summon and control any demon
-That he not only read Dante's inferno, but that it was based off his own battle.
-that he was a triplet
-That he was one of 16 brothers
-That he has been to Valhalla, but that Odin himself granted him not only immortality, but shape shifting powers.
-That he could read in a variety of dead languages, including Latin and Cornish.
-That his soul had been removed from his body and sealed within a wooden box.
-That he could crush bone with his bare hands.
-that he could heal just by touching people.
-That he could cast a killing, well, any curse by snapping his fingers.
-That he and Lucifer had a pact.

And a variety of other ridiculous things. At first it was just a small circle of friends that he told, and we all knew he was nuts. However any beginners psych textbook tells you not to try and force someone who is emotionally unstable to see their own delusions, as it can cause them to have a mental breakdown and stop functioning. So we all just kind of shook it off.

Well then he started harassing some of the girls he was in choir with, telling one that she was an "Angel in human form", and NEEDED to learn necromancy in order to protect herself from the coming apocalypse, during which she would surely be drug down to hell and devoured by demons. (Not even kidding.) It got so bad that one of my friends came to me and asked ME to make him stop trying to teach the other girl, We'll call her "Jackie", necromancy, because she was starting to become genuinely scared of him.

And if that wasn't bad enough, he would find really cheap rings, from like Claire's, and try to convince people that he MADE them. They weren't even plain, the were like, rings with glow and the dark flowers and Rhine stones.

I eventually started avoiding him, because I was getting a bad rap, but on occasion he would find me, and I would have to come up with a way too get out of conversation. Unfortunately, even though we stopped hanging out he kept telling people how we were "such good friends", and that we were "Like brother and sister", even going so far as to call me "Sissy".

Even though I never spoke of my own beliefs outside the confines of my tight knit inter circle, and only 4 or 5 people knew, I was considered guilty by association, well, crazy by association, because of him. It was a horrible situation. No matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of this kid, and worse, I couldn't get rid of the bad rap I had gotten from the short time I let him hang out with me. It really messed up my senior year.

Now eventually he pissed off enough people, some of our mutual friends included, that they went to his dad. They didn't tell him very much, mostly just about his lying about his family, and trying to force people to learn necromancy, and apparently his dad let him have it, as the kid had a history of lying, deceiving, and just being a complete tool. And it calmed down for a little while.

He stopped "Bragging", and said he "Lost his werewolf powers". And we honestly thought he was moving away from his delusions. I really haven't spoken to him since the end of May(2013), but our mutual friends say he still talks of me, and thinks we're, "besties". I've chosen to ignore it all together. But it is easier for me, as I graduated and don't have to see him.

I can honestly say that this kid should probably be in a mental institution, because he is very clearly unstable and living in a fantasy. A very unhealthy fantasy. But unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

My advice to you is that you do sit down and tell your Mum what is going on with this kid, and include what you know about his family, and his situation at home. From what you said it is clearly an unhealthy environment, which is probably why he says the things he does. With any luck, someone will intervene in his life and get him the mental help he so desperately needs.

As for the kids at school, just go to them and tell them that you are NOT friends with this kid. Simple as that. If they don't believe you, or if they don't care, then clearly they aren't worth your time.

(Sorry for the novel.)

-Best of luck

Re: Crumbling at the seams
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I he what you mean, but my mom doesn't know about my practice of magic and she'll think its all made up or something 'cause I'm telling you she loves this kid.

Re: Crumbling at the seams
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Don't tell her about your practice, simply say,

"Mum I need to tell you something. Please just listen, and hold all responses until the end.

*his name* is having some trouble at home. His parents are alcoholics, and dabble with drugs, and I am worried about the effect his environment is having on him. He claims ridiculous things, like teleportation, and immortality, and that he has to constantly fight a demon to keep control of his body. He even claims that I believe the things he says, and that I too think I am capable of them. This is not true.

I am really concerned about his mental health, especially because he attempted to have his way with me, I fought him off, but it was definitely a struggle. Is there anyway you could help him, and me?"

Re: Crumbling at the seams
By: Moderator / Adept
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I dont know why you refer to this person as a "friend". I think rather than worry about what your mom or anyone else thinks of them you need to put distance between you and this kid. Find more mature and intelligent friends. Why are you even wasting time talking to or about this kid? Life is too short, and there are too many good, decent, positive people to associate with. The accusation of assault is one that needs to be taken up with your local police. Just sit the kid down, tell HIM the things you said here, the assault situation (ridiculous to even consider being friends with someone after such a thing), the pure unmitigated bull that he apparently spews out, and the fact that you are 13 and dont want to play make believe anymore...when he starts sputtering out more bull simply say "grow up" and walk away. Be very vocal to him and to others about why this friendship has ended.

Re: Crumbling at the seams
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The one thing stopping me from talking to him sis how physically abusive he is to everyone around him, and at lunch he'll scream my name and everyone will look over when he wars to get my attention. Also I think that the immortality and stabbing part is a SERIOUS problem because on Friday I said I didn't believe him and to prove it he tried to get me to stab him with a (sharp) knife as hard as I could. If I believed him, there's a 99.99% chance it would have liked him within two minutes. Also I only consider him my "friend" because that's how it was until I found out about magic from him on XBOX LIVE but ever since then when I sort of was his friend its been downhill.
Also I found out because he was trying to convince some kid who didn't believe him and I didn't at first, but its been a wild (and rough) 10 months since then.

Re: Crumbling at the seams
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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If some of this is happening at school you might report it to a teacher or the school counselor if you have one. Schools generally frown on disruptive and potentially harmful behavior. And the school will certainly talk to his parents if you let them know.

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