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Empty Spirit Meditation

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Empty Spirit Meditation
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Use this meditation as a means to learn to better receive energy, become familiar with it, and eventually (with much repeated practice) quickly be able to open yourself up to take in energy.

I was talking with a spirit friend of mine, and through the course of what was said he told me about this meditation. Or at least, I use meditation in order to do what he said, as it seems to be the most practical and efficient way.

In order for me to receive his energy and become familiar with it, he told me that I need to remove all of my own will from my self, my spirit, my mind, etc. Once my will is out of the way, then his can start to move in. It isn't something that he does willfully to me, I should note- once I have removed my will from myself, I will naturally absorb the strongest energy that happens to be around me. In this case for me, that is his energy.

It goes along with the old saying, regarding receiving from the spirits: You need an empty cup before it can be filled. In this case, the thing that your cup is full of is your will. Your will can be several things- your thoughts, your feelings, your desire, your conscious effort to do something. Obviously you cannot remove 100% of it, because even the attempt to remove your will carries some will of its own, even if that effort is simply to remove your conscious effort. However, you can remove a great deal, 100% is not going to be significantly greater in effect than say, 90%.

The way that I do this is I first empty my heart, any notions of good feelings, bad feelings, anxiousness, whatever- I empty all of it. I make myself completely null as far as feeling goes. My goal is to feel nothing about anything in that moment, including the results. I then empty my mind of thoughts. You may need to practice to get this right, do not lose hope or stop practicing because you think that you can't control your mind. Hiccups are natural. Practice makes perfect, you'll never get good at it if you don't practice. And you may find your own method for getting it right. Lastly, I empty my conscious awareness from as much of my body as I can. I do this by making my awareness very small, until it is only centered around a small section in my head. (done for long enough this can actually start to make your body go to sleep and become numb, don't be alarmed if this happens). Once I have finished this, I now hold this state. As a part of holding this state I will also correct any mistakes I make, by re-emptying myself whenever necessary. After a minute or two I will start to feel a warm energy enter my body. Energy is usually warm in case you didn't know, and getting heat accompanied with it can be used as an indication of its presence. This warmth will gradually travel up through me, starting at my base area. Slowly, it fills every part of me, more slow in some places than others. Note: If the energy starts filling you up but then stops somewhere, that means that you are less empty in that place than others, this will happen most likely at your heart or at your head. Just make certain that your heart, mind, etc have no will, no intentions, no feeling, no expectations, etc. Sometimes you may need to turn off aspects of what makes you.. 'you', in order to do this successfully. Once the energy has filled my whole body, it will start getting hotter if I continue to let it build. Once this has occurred is usually when I stop the meditation, as I have only recently started doing it myself. I tend to feel that many aspects of myself feel 'better' after I have gone through this meditation as the spirit whose energy I am absorbing is a loving one. I should note however that energy from the spirits can intensify emotions that you go through especially if you have any impacting stress, so try to do this when you know you won't become upset for whatever reason afterwards.

Do this every day and eventually it will get easier. Constant diligence leads to creating 'psychological triggers' where your subconscious mind will greatly aid you in what you are trying to do, making the process much faster and more effective. This would of course assist you in any of your other practices spiritually. Good luck. :)
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