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My daughter

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My daughter
Post # 1
I didn't know where to post.

Okay, I was hoping someone could help me determine whether this happening was magical in some way.

I've always been a witch and it is no surprise that my daughter came to the path naturally as well. Last year something strange happened and I began wondering this morning if it had anything to do with a natural ability.

Last summer she was 2, and had just gotten home from her dads house (we're separated) and was crying and screaming about her left arm. He told me she had been like that for a couple hours (soon before they left his house they were rough housing). If any either of us touched or tried to tough her arm she would go hysterical and cry more saying it hurt. I took her to the hospital for an X-ray and we waited 2 hours to be seen and were still waiting to X-ray it in the er. She was still crying and didn't want it touched. A nurse came in with a couple of questions and left. Immediately upon the nurse's exit, my daughter (on my lap) turned around and started choking me with all her might. I had never seen her act that in that manner and for a 2 year old she was freakishly strong, I couldn't get her hands off my neck. The creepiest part was that she was laughing hysterically. Anyway, she finally let go and her arm that had been in so much pain was completely out of her mind. It didn't hurt her at all after that.

I was wondering if maybe she healed herself out of choking me in a way of energy.

Any thoughts?

Btw, she does not act like that, she was not and is not a violent child. Don't want anyone thinking that.
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Re: My daughter
Post # 2
This could be a case of cell regeneration i know this can hapen to small children but its a muscle enhancement she probably on accident boosted her muscle power and it could have ticled.

Or she acted purly on instinct and enhanced her arm for self defence from something.
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Re: My daughter
Post # 3
Thanks for your thoughts!
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Re: My daughter
Post # 4
Thanks for your thoughts!
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Re: My daughter
By: / Novice
Post # 5
It would be my suspicion that it in fact was not magically related at all but simply whilst she focused on her arm hurting it did, effectively the placebo effect. Once she broke this attention span she forgot momentarily about her arm and thus the pain subsided and it became "better". The more concerning part is the fact that she choked you.

She may have felt freakishly strong at the time but the shock could potentially have made you feel weaker or it could have been a psychological weakness of you not wanting to hurt your already injured child by being too forceful. Ultimately whilst strong though it doesn't sound like she crushed the trachea or any cartilage so she can't have been gripping too hard at least. Now your child may never have acted that way and I'm certain she isn't at all violent but ultimately she did. It may have been magical but I think it safest to assume not at first and address it in the medical world primarily. This isn't to say there's anything wrong with your daughter, it may have been completely benign but I would strongly recommend talking about it either with her or a doctor to try and understand why she did it at the very least.

Sorry to go on, you've probably already addressed all of that but I did think it worth mentioning. Potentially it's big issue and whilst it's fine to look for a magical one I would first exhaust the mundane just as a precaution.
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