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Spiritual Protect

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Spiritual Protect
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So out of the blue, I decided to do a little search on how to protect yourself from spiritual beings, demons, bad energies, and so forth. Most of the stuff I got was a mixture of Christian sites telling their followers how to keep witches away and some other sites that explain why it isn't real. Being upset over the matter and reading some stuff I thought was on the spot, I decided to give my time to post something better than those I found.

Are spirits real? Depending on who you ask and what you mean about spirits the answer can be anything. To me, a Spirit means someone or something that died and their soul has left their body. Over time they can change their form, mental state, and a bunch of other things. You know, what spirits and ghosts do. So yes, if you look at it this way than spirits do exist (because if they don't than once you die that is it. The end. No heaven if you believe in that, no wondering the Earth, no going to another plane, nothing.) Demons and angles, since there is already a huge fight on what they are, I am going to leave it up to you and your believes on them.

But is there a way to protect yourself from them? Yes. Depending on how tune you are to your energy and your will you can defend yourself. I found a site where someone talked about spirits and how to defend yourself. He never really gave off any tips but did made a list of what doesn't work. Since I couldn't make a reply I will clarify how to use those tools properly.

The first thing he said doesn't work was burning sage. It is a herb you can get from stores and even from the spice area in your food mart. He complains that it doesn't work because it doesn't keep the ghosts away unless you use it everyday. This is true but that isn't want sage is really used for. To use sage correctly you must use it right, not for a purpose on it's own. Sage is used to clear away the area from bad energy, ghosts, and unwanted guests. This will not last long however but is still used to cleanse the room, house, self, others, clothes/items, and so much more than put on a shield, barrier, protection, ect.
Think about it, you don't want to put a shield on yourself without cleansing yourself first or else that shield will be keeping that energy in you.

To sum up sage:
Sage is used to cleanse something or an area. After you do so you are free to put on a shield, blessing, barrier, or/and circle. That is how you use it correctly.

White candles. He went to say that white candles are used as scams on people. Sure if you have no idea how to use a white candle than yeah you can be scammed with them but I won't go as far as him to avoid all white candles. To him, he believed how to use a white candle was to burn it. All done.

I am sure I don't have to tell you guys this but to be sure, white candles are a tool you use in a rite, spell, or prayer. You can't use a hammer without any nails or else you won't be able to build anything. White candles are blank, colorless, and can be used for almost anything. But you can't just light it up and expect it to do something godly, you sometimes have to carve it, dress it with oil, bury it afterwards, and so on so on. You also have to match it with another tool. Sometimes it is a photo or paper (to target if you are doing something that needs a target). It is a tool, not a spell.

Sum on white candles:

White candles are a tool you use for your blessing, rite, spell, or prayer. You sometimes need to do something to the candle to make it fit in or work with the spell. You cannot light it and expect it to do everything on it's own.

Psychic shields is his next target. He does make a good point about them by saying sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Since I am not trained in psychic shields I cannot say much but what I can guess in.

And lastly is sea salt. He claims this stuff doesn't work because of the same reason he put in with the sage. It doesn't last. He mainly said sea salt in a bathtub. The same reason I put in on the sage, it is a time use to cleanse your body or room so you can get it ready for a barrier or larger protection.

To me, it just sounded like he had no idea what those things really do but what he can take a guess at. Maybe it was best for him to say that those things don't work right. I mean if someone doesn't use it right like he does than it may make their issue worse. But over here on this site this information can be some good to some people.
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