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Snake Dreams

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Snake Dreams
Post # 1
My friend has been telling me about how she has been having these dreams about snakes and eels the past few nights. She was bit within her dream last night. Just a few minutes ago she came into the living room with a bloody nose, which she has not had for at least eight years. I told her that it would be best to do a cleaning ritual on herself, but she says it is nothing. I just wanted to get your opinions on this. I do not think she has been cursed, but there are a few people who have been sending negative energy her way.
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Re: Snake Dreams
Post # 2

Hello, Autumn Moon.

For both your friend, you, and others... I would strongly recommend the book...

Protection & Reversal Magick

by Jason Miller

This is the link I got from the Spells of Magic online store:


If that link doesn't work, just go to the online store and do a search for "Jason Miller".

I bought this book from the Spells of Magic store several months ago and it has proven to be very welcomely (and sometimes suprisingly) effective in fighting and reversing unjust forces in my life which have been going on for approximately 30 years (seriously). I will be writing a more thorough review of this book in a day or two, but I saw your question and wanted to reply ASAP.

Best wishes for you and your friend,


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Re: Snake Dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 3
without knowing the full dream, to dream of eels is to be avoiding a situation or responsibility in reality. snakes [and by extent being bitten] are a representation of fears you're hiding from or avoiding. so there could be a situation, or people she's worrying about and want to avoid so badly it's effecting her dreams.

while i doubt she's been cursed, she does seem under pressure and in need of some help. a build up of negative energy can be just as bad as a hex, she should have a cleansing bath as well as having her space cleanse. if she refuses, at the very least convince her to have a relaxing bath with lavender sea salt to calm down. you can do the cleansing yourself if you wish, and be sure to give her a protection charm to keep the negative vibes away. however, you shouldn't force someone to do something they don't want to [especially if you believe in the Rede] so if she really don't want to do the cleansing, you unfortunately have to respect her wishes. if you don't believe in the Rede or you feel it's right, then go for it, but think before you do.
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Re: Snake Dreams
Post # 4
Thank you to both of you!
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Re: Snake Dreams
Post # 5
Being bit by a snake in a dream can also mean that somebody as some ill will towards her. I am by no means saying someone is standing over a cauldron as we speak, chanting a curse towards her. (what is with people on this site automatically thinking someone is cursed? do you guys think some random person goes around cursing?) It probably just means someone at work, or school, or in the neighborhood is bullying her. Spreading rumors about her. Jealous of her. etc. The nose bleed was most very likely a coincidence. She's bound to have a nose bleed after 8 years, you can't live your entire life without getting a nose bleed. Her subconscious mind is just warning her of a bully or something through her dreams. It is not a magical thing. I would tell her to not pay any mind. If she notices someone in her waking life isn't the nicest of people, tell her to just not talk to them.
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