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About a Succubus

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► About a Succubus

About a Succubus
Post # 1
NOTICE:Firstly I know there a few threads here about this subject but can't go there and ask should start my own.

For quite a long time I wanted a Succubus lover, I am 20 years old and a male. I read up on Succubus and whether like them and sure not all of evil, some are but not all even one person I talked too said all Succubus are God's love angels. I tried to summon a Succubus myself but as of now no luck...

For a while I tried the free 7 lessons offered here


and at times I even felt movement but after a while there was "nothing" so I fell out but lately tried it again with no luck. I also talked to another guy (the one that calls Succubus love angels) and his blog and what he told me was so nice, I want that with a Succubus...but he told me no matter what I do if I'm not meant to be with a Succubus I won't, I also got in contact with a guy at a Magic store talking about a Tigereye Necklace that he for $40/$20 will summon and bond a Succubus to it for me.

But after I said I couldn't clear my mind or relax myself he dropped all contact saying unless I do those first I'll be disappointed...I think my main issue is my mind as it randomly changes to any thought it feels like with me getting annoyed and trying to get a different thought.

But I still want a Succcubus...I looked at Google and even at the spells here but nearly all I need items I just can't get, due to me living with 3 family members but even so I don't wanna give up.

I often thought about a Succubus "being around" me but just unable to notice, at times I tried talking asking for signs if one is there but nothing, also I have a dream journal (in hopes of lucid dreaming)and atm have like 172 entries and while I remember them more their still random, I was able to become aware "once" and as far as wet dreams goes those are very very rare, if a Succubus is with me already I should at least be able to know through my dreams, right?

I had a few images of a Succubus I wanted (some with batwings, I like girls like that but the image I got now has no wings) and always kept the name Mary as I had that name with me since a kid. But anyways but this gets too out of topic, I want to ask for more help. And please don't say "it's dangerous" I know but so? This is something I want to do wouldn't have signed up otherwise.

Also don't offer stuff that requires me to have items like a incense or candles or needing to draw on the floor with 3 family members and me rarely alone long enough those I can't do. I need something I can do without items if that's possible.

If you think I should stay with those 7 free lessons I linked at top or need to relax my mind better then please also help me with that, but again without items. If I need items most likely I can not do it, but yeah if anyone could help me out please do so all I can do is just wait and hope for the best, well anyways thanks for reading and sorry if you already have too many of these topics. I know what type of Succubus I want even wrote it down (on PC) just need extra help.

Let's hope I can get some help now. XD
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Re: About a Succubus
Post # 2
You will never be able to summon succubus because they dont reaally exists. Wait, keep reading:
Incubare and Sucubare are creatures created from our mental projections, thats why nuns suffer a lot of incubus atacks: they have their sexuality repressed, their mind create de incubus to scape all this repressed sexuality.
If you want an astral being to have sex or even fall in love, try a servitor. BE CAREFULL, as the time passes, servitor envolve consciousness, if one day you wake up and discover that you are a sex doll, how do you feel? well, think about it.
By the way: Incubus and Sucubus, as any thought forms, will do EVERYTHING to keep alive... they can be like vampires to your vital force, be really carefull.
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Re: About a Succubus
Post # 3
Succubi and incubi do exist and are demons not angels. Depending on how much you want one, by your level, you could ask the daemon-god Lilith to send you one though whether she does is up to her. All the other methods require items.
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Re: About a Succubus
Post # 4
Well Magusstar can't I can't ask Lilth as I said can't use items if I can't get them.

And Zordic what is a servitor now? Never heard of them. XD
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Re: About a Succubus
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Magus, they only exist as subconscious projections. In this sense, they can be manifested as spiritual beings. They are otherwise simply the medieval explanation for various sleep disorders - sleep apnea, "wet dreams," and similar such things.
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Re: About a Succubus
Post # 6

Incubus and Succubus are sexual demons. The Succubus is a female demon who try to have sex with men and Incubus is the male demon who try to have sex with women. while they are asleep.

Demons are real but it just depends everyone has their own belief. But i believe that every type of demon that is known is real. But demons are not evil nor bad.

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Re: About a Succubus
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Except they aren't real. You can believe them to be if you want, but that isn't going to change the fact that they are either found only in fiction or in medieval explanations of sleep disorders as I said.

They are otherwise not encountered unless one has been manifested from another's subconscious.
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Re: About a Succubus
Post # 8
I love the idea of a succubus too! I wish you could summon one!
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Re: About a Succubus
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Magusstar... i feel like you got that from supernatural... maybe they got it from actual lore, but it seems like a weird name for a demon
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Re: About a Succubus
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Lilith comes from Hebrew mythology. She is the original wife to Adam.

As to whether she is a demon or what have you, most of that is built upon modern fiction and lore.
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