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Spell I Made

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Spell I Made
Post # 1
This is a spell I made and I figured I'd let you decide if you want it on your site or not. It's a glamour spell made to emphasize your inner beauty and hide your flaws.

Spell to make your own attractiveness more noticeable

Best if done on a waxing moon on a Friday
1 oblong piece of Iceland Spar
1 oblong piece of Carnelian
1 oblong piece of Lepidolite
1 oblong piece of Lodestone
1 oblong piece of Ulexite
9 Emerald Green Candles
1 Gold Chain
2 clear bowl's for water
A bag of dried Summer Savory
A roll of summer savory wrapped in fire proof wax or baking paper in all but the end so you don't
burn yourself
Kenaz rune

Before beginning make sure all ingredients are within the circle. Also you have do this spell naked.
First set up your circle in the following manner: sit down indian style on the floor placing the two
bowl's of water in front of you equidistant from each other, than place all five if your crystals
in front of the water bowls in a line before laying the gold chain on top of the line of crystals.
than set your athame in between the two bowls of water. Cast your circle than carefully carve the
Kenaz rune into the center of all nine candles. Set each candle equidistant from each other in a
circle around you with the Kenaz rune pointing right at you. Once you have done that light the stick
of savoury on fire while chanting once for each candle.

"This is the flame of my inner beauty, each candle it lights makes it glow more truly,"

Using it to light each candle in a clockwise manner and when you finish put it out using one bowl
first than the other. Take off the paper and rip the stick in half. Whichever bowl you used last to put
the stick out put the first half in it first and than put the other half in the bowl. Open the bag of
Savoury and split it evenly between the two bowls of water. Take each stone and dip it in both bowls
of water alternating which bowl you start with for each stone. If your more masculine than use the
left bowl more often and if you are more feminine than use the right bowl more often. Once you
have gotten each stone wet dip the gold chain in the Savoury and water mixture before chanting

"This chain of gold so fine, I bind unto you the beauty this mixture provides,"

Now wrap this chain around each crystal one at a time while chanting.

"With this gold I bind, my outer flaws away from me so my inner beauty may shine,"

Now take the water mixed with savoury and rub it over your skin and make sure to use it all. Hold
your hands over the gold wrapped stone and chant.

"These crystals will hold, that which makes me unappealing so that I may shine like gold,"

Now take the gold chain off of those crystals and put it on you while chanting.

"With this chain of gold so fine I ward away these flaws of mine,"

Now put out each candle in a counterclockwise manner starting with the candle you lit last. Break
your circle and go bury those crystals under an apple tree after dressing in loose clothing. After
that your inner beauty should shine through clearly so long as you have that gold chain on you and
those crystals are never returned to you.
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Re: Spell I Made
Post # 2
I rely heavily on numerology for most of my spells. That is why I specify the five stones. The stones I chose I used the spells of magic article reference:crystals to pick them. I also used the candle reference because I've never completely made a spell of my own this is the first I actually made most of the time I just modify. It says emerald green Represents the Attraction of Love, Social delights and Fertility. I chose that because this is a spell to hide your flaws and emphasize your own personal beauty it doesn't add anything it just amplifies whats already there. This spell is also gender neutral which is why I didn't choose a pink candle cause I always heard that a pink or purple candle is feminine whereas green is a neutral color. To me red is a really intense color and this spell is supposed to be subtle. Knowing my explanations for why I wrote it this way what do you suggest?
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