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Need Help, About Me.

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Need Help, About Me.
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First off I am not new to this site this is my third account the first two mistakes were made and the third I deleted for more important issues. I love wearing black and redas you can see Ihave two conditions I haveADHD and a small amount of Insomniaso I am on usually during the night more.I have been studying for 4 years in November practicing the craft for a year in august. My path I chose this year I amworking to be a green witch. I am astrong spiritualist I will learn anything with strong spiritual value and use it for good I don't like using magick for bad reasons and I will only use it only if it is to defend my friends or family or protect them whether from others or themselves. I am a polite, caring, observing, and fun person I don't like to judge and I don't like bullies and I am straight I like females. I am starting on learning rune reading got a nice craft set and I am using it best I can I also have a decent pendulumthat is awesomeit is a necklace styled one I wear it a lot. It works well too.I plan on becoming dedicated to the green witch craft I Want to be a practitioner for it one day I am wanting to be mentored by one for green witchcraft also known asearth magick or nature working.I also work elder futhrkrune magick if I can find one teacher for rune migick it would be great let me know if you can help out at all. Asfor it the darker works I have been in itI respect it but don't fall in to deep with it I have done soonce and alesson hardlearned. I am still trying to learn how to astral project as well need help on that too been trying for three years now. I don't give up I simply know when I won't be able to but I aim another way until I succeed I am a person who strives, a dreamer, and get it done person. I am also nice, polite, opened mined, and very sympathetic person usually too. I often think like a wolf I may have been one in a past life I will never know fully for sure. I also have talents some common a few sorare anymoreoI don't talk much about them anymore I will listen and try to help if you need anything ask I have studied in many areas and I know at least a thing or two in them I may be of use just ask my most important things energy best used is your's and always follow the rule of three. Thank You for reading Stay Safe, Take Care and Blessed Be.

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