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Re-evaluation: Mementos

Forums ► General Info ► Re-evaluation: Mementos
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Re-evaluation: Mementos
By: / Novice
Post # 1

So i've chosen to re-evaluate and modify my old mementos topic , enjoy.

The categories are as follows:

1.What is a memento?

2.What varieties of mementos exist?

2.1 What is an Event born memento?

2.2 What is an Intent driven memento?

3.How does one go about making a memento?

3.1 How does one create an Event born memento?

3.2 How does one create an Intent driven memento?

4.Encountering mementos in your daily life?

4.1 How to detect a memento and its effects?

4.2 What kind of mementos exist?

5.What kind of repercussions does a memento have?

Alright , so I guess we should start , and to those who have to ask , yes this is an original post.

1.What is a memento?

The word memento , as some people here most likely know if they are well versed in latin comes from the word Meminise which means to remember . A memento is an object that captures the essence of an event , and for a very long time people believed that having this memento in their possession would help them replicate the event from which it was born. For example a hunter captures a big deer and uses its antlers as a memento , as his pride and joy in the belief that it will help him catch an animal that size once again in the future imbues the object passively. A memento can be any object , a shirt , a locket or even your furniture. As you will be able to read later on , you encounter mementoes daily , in the most unexpected places.

2.What varieties of mementos exist?

Two distinct varieties of mementos exist , through my study of mementoes Ive taken to calling the two varieties Event born mementos and Intent driven mementos (intent driven mementos are pretty much basic enchanted objects.) . Usually the main difference between them is the way they are made , but there are some differences in the effects they possess , and the way they influence people.

2.1 What are Event born mementos?

An Event born memento is the most common form of memento (because they are active long after their original/last owner was alive) , people encounter them daily without even knowing it. They are created accidentally without the intent to create one , such as the happiness of a child when he and his parents learn that his cancer went into remission being captured inside his favorite stuffed animal or the torment and pain of a murder victim entering the weapon to which they died. Such mementos can hold any number of different effects , from turning the slightest argument into a chaotic tantrum to bringing a sense of serenity to those who have no hope at all in their hearts. Just like with magick they are neither good or evil , they just serve a purpose which can be utilized to either end. An Event born memento increases in power the more it replicates the essence of which event it had in it , for example the more people get have their cancer go into remission while being in contact with (just giving an example) the bear of the boy who created the memento , the stronger its influence becomes. The more hands it passes through the greater its influence. Event born mementos are in a sense "alive" , as in that they have their own "life span" which is separate from the owners , they will continue to hold their effects long after they are gone as previously stated and only grow in strenght the more they influence people. They also have a tendancy to find people who are most in need or are most vulnerable to their respectible effects. They have a variety of ways to gather energy , from leeching it in an area to being in direct contact with the energy of its current owner.

2.2 What are Intent driven mementos?

An intent driven memento is created by a person via the exact intent to make one , such as a person believing that their necklace will bring them luck , you could just call them Enchanted objects but they fall under the classification of a memento either way . The pure will of the owner creates a bond that passively imbued the object with their intent to achieve something with it , be it luck , fortune , good health , or so on. Intent driven mementos are the thing we create many times through our lives without even noticing that we did , we dont even look at them as something magickal we just have a sentimental attachment to them.

3. How does one go about making a memento?

Depending on which of the two varieties you seek its either harder or easier to do , Event born mementos are easier to find then to create , while Intent driven mementos are easier to create then find (because they are often bound directly to their owner , which gives the notion of sentimentality twords an object)

3.1. How does one create an Event born memento?

To create an Event born memento you need an object that you are already sentimentally (not all objects you are sentimentally attached to are mementos) attached to (you could call an Event born memento an advanced evolutional stage of an Intent driven memento aka enchanted object) . The object just needs to be present in the event which is coupled with a strong emotional state , such as getting good or bad news from a doctor about your health , getting married , near death experience , incredibly agonizing torment , and so on. The object will grow in strenght the more similar events it influences by being in contact with people.

3.2 How does one create an Intent driven memento?

An Intent driven memento is created purely by the power of will , passively influenced by the belief that something has the ability to bring forth an effect , an Intent driven memento becomes more powerful by being in contact with you , so just by wearing a necklace , braclet , ring , shirt or anything really you can create a memento.

4.Encountering mementos in your daily life?

As I said before you encounter mementos daily , on another person , in a shop , library , at home , so many places , but you most of the time wont even notice it. It just seems like an object at first glance , but so much more hides beneath it all.

4.1 How to detect a memento and its effects

Detecting a memento is easy , usually any object that stands out in your eye in a group of similar or different objects has a high potential to be a memento , you can also detect them by energy work , some people are sensitive to energy , such as seeing auras , they can also detect a memento with some practice , and the energy behind the memento be it malevolent or benevolent. Now figuring out the exact effect without coming in direct constant contact with it , now thats the hard part , without tracing the history of the object its hard , but meditating on the object itself can give you insight into what lies inside which often results in fast emotional changes and in some people visions.

4.2 What kind of mementos exist?

This is a small list of the forms of mementos i have encountered directly and my names for direct describing of their attributes.

Event born:

- Leeches (leech energy out of people they are in contact with , often resulting in depression like state and sleep related issues)

- Healing Mementos (often the healing/ aid in healing specific illnesses and health problems)

- Inducers (induce specific emotions in their current owners , prolongued exposure results in a strong sentimental bond with the object regardless of the state it induces)

- Misfortunes (mementos that often cause varied curse like events such as bad luck or loss of fortune)

- Fortunes (mementos that cause people to experience a positive stream of events directed twords them , giving the impression of being very lucky)

- Chain Formers (mementos that quickly switch between owners hands often tying them all together in a specific event such as a feud)

- Remote Influencers (mementos that often have the ability to affect others through the will of theri current owner , alike to a symbiotic relationship , energy for the object from the host , for assistance from the hosts new partner the memento itself)

- Nightmare/Dream mementos (induce either respectfully to their current owner)

- Prophets (cause visions and prophetic in those who are sensitive enought to tie to the object , often serve as advanced aids in such practices to those experienced in divination)

- Many more...

Intent driven:

- Lucky objects (born out of the owners will and belief that the object will bring them luck)

- Energy vessals (the purpose of which is to storge the energy which can be used for many things)

- Protection objects (self explanitory)

- and many more... (anyone who has some knowledge in the enchanting/imbuing of objects will know many uses and ways of creating different enchanted objects / Intent driven mementos)

5.What kind of repercussions does a memento have?

A memento can be dangerous or very helpful to you , but there are some repercussions that both sides have , first of all a memento creates a strange addiction , you could explain it simply as sentimentality but the objects influence people to like them with either kind of effect , making it hard to relinquish someone of one , only their will can beat the sentimental bond to the object in question.

Hope you enjoyed this post , feel free to comment and give your thoughts.

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Re: Re-evaluation: Mementos
Post # 2
An enjoyable read.

A great guide, for a beginning practitioner.

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