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is this true?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► is this true?
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is this true?
Post # 1
Go to any high traffic bathroom. It must be a high traffic bathroom; otherwise the room won’t have enough latent residual energy to carry out the task. A hotel bathroom is perfect. Make sure it’s after 12pm, and make sure you have 2 clove cigarettes. The stronger the cigarette, the higher your success rate is. Sit in the dark and begin smoking one of the cigarettes. Make sure there is a mirror present, and that you look at your reflection at all times. The burning cherry should provide just enough light for this. When you’ve smoked the cigarette within a 1/4 in of the filter, the room should be full of smoke. Your eyes will no doubt be watering, but don’t blink. Don’t take your eyes off of the mirror or your reflection whatever you do. To blink will make all you’ve done at this point for naught.
You’ll begin to notice that your reflection will begin to fade into b! ack. The reflection of the cherry from your cigarette will begin to separate into two red eyes. The smoke in the room will begin to condense, and before you even realize it’s happened, a shade will be sitting on the ledge of the sink. He’ll ask you for a cigarette, which is why you’re instructed to bring two. Give the shade a cigarette, which will light itself once he brings it to his withered lips. At this point, you can ask the shade any question you want, and he’ll answer true. You can ask who shot JFK, who was Jack the Ripper. Anything you could possibly think of. Be sure to keep an eye on how much of the cigarette he’s smoked. When it gets to the point where it will only take a few more hits to kill it, the smoke from the other cigarette will begin to define more of his features, making him more material than ethereal.
At this point, stand up and snatch out his eyes in one sweeping motion. He should still be mostly smoke, so your hands should pass easily through his head. If you let him finish the cigarette he WILL attack you, almost surely taking your life in the process. The shade will begin screaming and cursing you and the hand holding his eyes will be burning intensely. DO NOT OPEN YOUR HAND! Even though the eyes are disembodied, they can see if they are out in the open. Run to the light switch and flip it on. This will banish the shades physical form and send him back into the ether. Leave the room and wait until 3:00 am to open your hand. The burning will be unbearable until then, but to do so will blow all the lights out in your house, allowing the shade to return and seek vengeance. You will have 4 burn marks on your palm when you open it. All cauterized of course, and mostly healed. From then on you can never be in a dark room with a mirror, because the shade will be able to track you through the burns in your hand. He’ll have b! ack hell dogs now, given his loss of sight, and they are far more terrible than the shade could ever be. The number of hell dogs depends on the strength of the shade you made contact with. After this, you’ll always be cold, no matter how warm it is, and you’ll be given the ability to perform minor miracles. Your dreams will always be nightmares, but in them, you will be granted a kind of third sight. You’ll never be able to see anything good, only the most horrific future events. And these events will only be known to you at a point where you can’t do anything to stop them. A small price to pay for absolute knowledge
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Re: is this true?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The above seems to have been taken from this website: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Cigarettes

I would say that it is highly unlikely that this is for real. It smacks more of something Hollywood would dream up. And if you're in a "high traffic" bathroom then almost certainly this spell/ritual would be interrupted by others coming into the room. Not to mention that a mere two cigarettes, even clove ones, won't fill up the room with smoke, especially since high traffic bathrooms have ventilation systems that will remove the smoke, and smoke detectors that will go off and bring unwanted attention.
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Re: is this true?
Post # 3
This is absolutely not true. Any demon could not be simply defeated by any physical force so weak.
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Re: is this true?
Post # 4
As a demonolgy expert and a human being, to me that's not true. This type of stories are called Creepy-pasta or something like that.

A demon would never try to impress somebody with a small and insignificant item such as a cigarette. Why? Because they prefer either to stay in the shadows or impress the being in question with something that is linked to that being. Smoke is hardly something that a demon would use to materialize, for it is just to common.

A demon would prefer an element such as air, earth, water, fire, etc. for that. They seek a reaction from you, whichever that reaction could be, so they would not kill you at the first contact. It is very difficult for a demon to kill a being without realising that Karma will affect them after. And believe me, a demon is much more affected by Karma than humans because they are closer in the ethereal reality.

Hope this information has helped you.

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