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Quick defense protection

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Quick defense protection
Post # 1
I have received a few emails asking for a good protection spell, as well as recently commented something very similar as what I have written below, to a thread with the same subject. While this particular method isn't very effective with someone far away casting a spell on you, its VERY effective to any beings within eyesight and since most attracts are within eyesight I feel its an importatnt tool in your defensive arsenal.

I feel its best to start out with some sort of shield instead of getting into spells for two reasons: spells can either not work well or at all and I feel its just as good or better to use visualization to train your body to use the vast amount of energy you possess all the time as well as energy that is all around you at your disposal for real time threats so you can see who/what is threatening you as well as KNOW your protected. Filling this I will explain how you can convert or add to this to protect against a threat or attack from anywhere that is very effective.


This is not to say that magic won't work or help in these situations, but please use common sense and don't rely upon magic when there is a more sure, effective and smarter way to handle the situation. Do the smart and safe way first and use magic as a last resort or preventive measure only.

In my opinion, people underestimate the power of your natural ability to defend/shield yourself with visualization exercises. Visualization is a major role in spells, and if you can master visualizations they can be just as strong or stronger than most spells. Heres what my defense/protection is: If I'm approached by someone who has ill thoughts or intentions towards me my guard/shields go up instantly. I have a two stage defense: stage 1 is a warning and will make all beings, both of this physical plane as well as any other, have a feeling that I am a good person and should be left alone in peace but if they mess with me or try anything, that something bad will happen to them. Step 2.. If I still feel threatened then I deploy my defense/offense measures. I have a trigger for when I feel threatened that expands a clear (I used red ball at first but my vision was tinted red once when I felt threatened and I didn't like it), indistructable spiked ball outwards in all directions around me... I have seen it in action on real people before and to my amazement it worked very well! One guy actually stopped in his tracks and looked as if he was hurt and confused. I felt his presence behind me and turned to see his reaction to my defense happen, our eyes locked almost instantly and I think he knew what was up (even though nobody knows I have been practicing magic at all, let alone for over 20yrs), that I had a power that he couldn't explain but that could easily reach out and affect him! I doubt he was going to try to physically hurt me (I'm a pretty big guy) but I think he may have had a bad thought about me, had a plot to slander me or something along those lines.

A few suggestions to help with how effective this (and all of your magical workings) will be. Its very important to meditate and get to know yourself. The better you know yourself, the more you will know how energy flows through you and how you best interact with and manipulate energy. Also, do visualization exercises often... the more detail, the more real and the longer you can focus directly relates to how powerful you are. Lastly, keep yourself positive and enjoy all of the gifts we have... for this does two things: It makes you happier than moping about in a bad mood and when you think positive, positive things are attracted to you. You can defeat many negative energies just by not attracting them to you in the first place by always having negative thoughts.

OK, here's my method. Try it out and customize it how you see fit to get the results you are looking for:

Get into a meditative-like state where you start with a clear mind and do the breathing excercises that you have adopted.

Now let your physical (conscious) self know that this particular session needs to link up your regular senses to your subconscious and the other senses that you use to sense threats of all kinds.

Use your visualization skills, both consciously and subconsciously, to see your physical self in the third person and the energies inside of you, the energies that you emit and the energy receivers you have.

Tell yourself that you are now setting up a very strong defensive system that is very efficient at both deterring and attacking threats that you sense both consciously and subconsciously.

Bring yourself back into first person mode gently... feeling your aura and energy that surrounds you. Feel how powerful it is and how it vibrates you as you move through it back into yourself.

Now visualize pulling all of your energy from outside of you as well as from the limits within your body to your solar plexus. Form that energy into a bright golden ball. Feel the warmth and raw power. Spin the ball in different directions so you realize that you have complete control and can make it do whatever you want it to.

Tell yourself that you are now going to set up stage 1, your warning system to those you feel threatened by.

Tell yourself "When I sense a threat on any level, this is what this energy will do"... now expand your energy out past your body in a ball (you can make this energy a puke green or whatever color you want) and put the thought of "I don't think I want to mess with her/him, He/she is a good person but might do some damage if I provoke him/her!" Put the thought that you want the threat to think, feel and say to him/her self in the energy so when it reaches them they absorb the thought/feeling as their own.

Bring your energy back in to a natural state, breath and relax for a moment to restore your energy again.

When your ready, gather all of your energy, both out and in but this time suck the energy from everything around you into your ball too.

Tell yourself "This is stage 2. If I still feel threatened, this is what to do immediately before they can do any harm!" Now quickly release a big ball with an indestructible spiked shell out all around you that only hurts those that wish you harm. When it releases it should be so hard and quick that you imagine it actually effects the physical things around you! Spring it back to normal inside of you quickly, everything going back to normal except that your on high alert for another attack right away.

Now, tell yourself that this session is over but to lock in this defense all the time, even while you sleep or astral project but that it is VERY efficient and won't drain your energy.

Now relax and bring yourself back to physical reality slowly, feeling very powerful and ready for anything if something should come up.
You might feel VERY energized. If so, ground yourself slowly... or you can enjoy your new power for a while :) I strongly suggest to ground and center yourself about an hour before bed or you won't sleep. Do this visualization in the mornings so you can feel energized and confident all day.

***Now, if you want to prevent an attack from a spell, energy "vampire", gossip or anything of the sort you can open your mind to sense such things fairly easily. When someone casts a spell on you, tried to drain your energy, talks about you or even thinks about you much, a thread is connected from that person to you. The more powerful that person is (or the more intend that person has) the stronger the thread.

To build a defense against this, you need to make your mind and subconscious know to be on lookout for such connections and when one is made, to send out a warning through the line to not try to harm, slander or affect you in any sort of negative way, then burn or cut the line to sever the connection. Then put a secondary defense in place if another connection is made to send out a lightening bolt through the line to that person that burns the entire line up as it flows thru instantly.

This is what I use and it works amazingly well for me. I hope this helps and works well for you as well.
Let me know if you tried it and how well it works for you. Feel free to ask any questions or post comments.

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Re: Quick defense protection
Post # 2
Thank you for sharing I added your post to my favorites. I've been working on shielding lately but hopefully with the technique you just showed I'll be able to stay shielded. Blessed be )O(
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Re: Quick defense protection
Post # 3

Your very welcome. I hope it works for you as well as it does for me. I read a similar one to this and he said to do it each morning, which would be great, but I do it about once a week or so. The more often you do it, the stronger it is and the more sensitive ( can sense ill thoughts/intentions from others easier) you become.

Glad I could help :0)


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