Guys I need a spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Guys I need a spell
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Guys I need a spell
Post # 1
Does anyone know a spell that can make me grow wings? If you're just gonna say that's not real then just don't answer omg.

Re: Guys I need a spell
Post # 2
Quite frankly, it is impossible for your physical body to grow wings. That being said, science may advance to that point in the future.

Now if you really want wings, I'd suggest doing it in the astral plane. Look around this website. I'm sure you can find some great articles on manipulating your astral form. :)

Re: Guys I need a spell
Post # 3
For a human to grow wings and fly, this is required:
Increase in heart and lung size (2 or 3 times): in order to handle the vastly increased O2/CO2 exchange and transport of nutrients and waste products such as lactic and uric acids. This would also increase the size of the torso by at least twice the circumference.

A morphing of the arms into wings: wings cannot attach to a human back. There simply is no place to do so.
Attached to the spine their weight and the stresses involved in using them would snap the spine in half.
Attached to the spinal ribs would snap the ribs and get completely in the way of the shoulderblade rotation, rendering your arms useless.
Attached to the shoulderblades would require the arms to flap along with the wings. It is a proven fact that the human form cannot flap its arms fast enough to achieve lift-off.

Loss of most of the legs: your legs account for about 40% of your mass, or about 60 lbs of a 150 lb person, or about 30 lbs. per leg at that weight. Using that as an average, leg weight per foot is roughly 10 lbs. Far too heavy to allow flight – even hang glider pilots cannot “tuck” their legs up underneath them for any appreciable amount of time – they use a leg bag to pull their legs up and back. The legs would have to become spindly stalks – just like a bird.

Weight of the wing: Allowing for muscle, bone, tendons, blood supply, feathers, etc. it can be easily assumed that a wing would be comparable in weight to the human leg, or about 10 lbs. per foot.
The human form cannot be supported in flight by less than 22-24 feet of wingspan.
That’s a 12 foot wing.
At about 100: 120 lbs. per wing, or 200 – 240 lbs. of wing on your now grossly enlarged torso.
And all that weight is now bearing down on your spindly sticks of legs.
Which snap like twigs the minute you try to run on them for any reason.

The neck: in order to allow for forward vision during flight the neck would have to extend and permanently crane backwards (like a bird) to allow you to see forward, and not constantly down. Using your head to view forward in a normal human position would be painful and uncomfortable,

So in wrap-up: a human avian would be, in short, a mutated, misshapen freak. Huge torso, no arms or hands, bird legs, elongated neck, and eating everything in sight just to satisfy the metabolic demands from the muscular exertion.

Re: Guys I need a spell
Post # 4
I apologize for the random question marks. They replace the dashes I put for some reason.

Re: Guys I need a spell
Post # 5
I love your response Shhimtalking. I really appreciate your approach and the explanation... I often have the same realistic thought process when confronted with such inquiries, I just can't usually muster the energy or patience to write it all out like that. I'm certain I have read a very similar response somewhere, but props to you if it was your original thought and wasn't copied. Excellent job :0)

@Activity: While I think anything is possible its important for you to understand that if such a fantastic feat were accomplished here in the physical reality, it would have to conform to the physics that rule this reality, in which, you would end up very much like Shhimtalking stated above.
If that's OK with you then I wish you well on your journey. I don't know of any spell that has actually worked but your welcome to look around, I think I have seen some to grow wings on here in the fantasy section of spells.

Its a popular belief on here that you absolutely can not change your DNA with magic, so its likely that the answers you seek won't be found on the forums in present time. Try using the search function at the top right hand portion of the site for older wisdom on the subject matter.


Re: Guys I need a spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Sorry, but there is no magic that will let you grow wings on the physical plane for the reasons that have already been stated.

Now, should you travel to the Astral Plane it is possible to take a form there that is winged. That doesn't require a spell though, it just requires that you visualize yourself as a winged being.

And having looked at your profile, I will also mention that neither werewolves nor vampires exist on the physical plane. You are a human and a human you will remain here.

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