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My take on EM
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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My take on Energy Manipulation.

I never really thought I would be up to try and write a manual or explanation of something I could do since I can remember myself. It is like trying to explain what it's like to breathe air or trying to explain why you can keep balance while walking. It has become more than second nature to me. I do not need to have a plan of action, I just do it automatically. It is strange for me, to sit and try to chunk it in to small pieces, in order to realize what you are doing!

The key to energy manipulation is breath. Breath is related with spirit (soul). Spirit comes from spiro (breath of live ,courage ,soul or spirit ). Through our breath we become one with our environment, we either pull it in, or push it out. We can see same pattern with energy. Energy is what links our soul or spirit to all around and with the massive web of life enfolding on all levels and all around us. It is an outgoing process on both levels as the push and pull ;rhythm repeats endlessly .

Energy and breath not flowing by this universal rhythm are like heart gone in state of tachycardia. You still have the beat of it but it creates problems for the living organism, because it is not in unison with the energy of the Universe. We are in our most powerful state being one with the Universe and its multitude of colours and music of endless sounds of creation and destruction. The idea is to become one with the cycle of it on all levels. When we can follow the rhythm, we can lie in our center or Axis Mundi, and breathe in inner power through connection to all alive and all ever lived. However, because we have become one with the Universe, we do not want to disrupt this music ,this is a challenge for our Will.

Our will reminds us that despite we are tiny specks in this endless beach of energy and connection, we are unique and we also have unique song to sing and express.

Pull and hear the song of the Universe and Divine; push and express your own colors and song. Accept all given with humility and express all inner with power and knowledge. Those are your footprints you leave on the surface of the all flowing Sea of Energy.

Sing your song to the stones and trees, to bees and people, put your hands on the earth and sing, stretch your hands towards the sky and heavens and sing to the stars and galaxies clouds.
There is so much simplicity into this process, it is not to try to dig a tunnel within yourself to find the hidden treasure. It is not about trying to force yourself or lie to yourself that you are extraordinary and loved, because it is simple. You simply are !Take a moment and spread your energy freely; free from thoughts ,from judgment, from fear, from expectation. Let it flow as river ,and as the river knows its way towards the sea, it shall find its source ,the divine sea.

It was very long time ago just drop of it, before it became a steam of breath ,got carried toward the airways of the universe and then dropped back into the rivers of The Web of Life. Sit ,breathe ,relax ,let go ,listen ,pull ,push and sing. All at once, once per all. It gets complex only when you try to fight this flow ,because you got trapped in your own expectations of who you are and what you are and what you need to do, but this will break your heart, your soul and your breath of life. You shall come to taste the kiss of death through the melody of your own discord. Without the melody to follow the only place we can call home is The Void ,the endless darkness of eternal opportunities ,but long forgotten how to be expressed. You need to remember your song first ,the one you forgot because you were too busy to be you !

Is it weakness to let go and be part of the flow? It might seem weakness to not have the comfort to be what makes You , but in same time you are everything else, just a tiny song of symphony of thousand more. What has more power of change? You being you but alone, or you being one with Divine and everything else ,flowing in The Web of life. There is not reason of fear; we are all but passengers through the worlds and states of mind ,as long as we do not get trapped in some black hole of our own emotions ,energy and fixed reality .

How can you explain with few letters, combined carefully (or perhaps not so much )the entire art of existence in its glory and the role of each tiny dot of colour and music play in it? Words have limits and everything else has ,there are things they can not explain ,but as long as you breathe ,your heartbeat with each emotion of joy and sadness ,as long as energy song travels in the Universe, you are alive and projecting creating ,taking ,giving ,gripping and letting go. You have to let go and just flow ,you have to feel it ,see it ,hear it for yourself and it will give an entirely new meaning to your life and your existence.
We all are able to achieve it ,we all can be free and just flow with the energy. We simply need to let go of manuals ,teachers ,ideas which always told us how to do something; each one of us knows deep down in their core and something we always have done through entire life .

There are many paths towards the mountain ,but its top unites them all . Which path are you taking? Tell me your story about it? The story of your path is the story of your heart. Till then, breathe ,let go ,pull and push ,accept with smile the hush or stern minds and the brush with thorny bush of endless challenges. You are but on your path toward unity and inner power.

Manipulation? What manipulation; it is all about unity and fluidity with your Source .There is dire need not of manipulation, but realization that all that needs to be manipulated is You and your habits to fix reality to oblivion ,till you became blind and too full to have a space to accept anything else. Smile ,relax ,push and pull and let's start walking as personification of the Fool ,somewhere out there The World awaits us not to rule it ,but to become one with it .
Manual? What manual? It is written in the song of your soul ,in the rhythm of your heart ,in the colors of your eyes and brain. Can you hear it ? Can you feel it ?
Stop and listen , stop and read without fear, nor greed.
Do you feel now ? Did you see and hear ?
If you did then you know everything about energy and its ebbs and flows .

P.S Special,thanks to Harris for proofreading this text .

~ Artindark (Artemisia Wormwood )
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Re: My take on EM
Post # 2
Very beautiful, very flowing. Thank you very much for sharing this with us Art.
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Re: My take on EM
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Very cool, Arti. Maybe this may make more people understand the reality of what this is all about; life, love, magic...
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Re: My take on EM
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Excellent as always! Many thanks X
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