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The Witches Jar protectio

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► The Witches Jar protectio
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The Witches Jar protectio
By: / Novice
Post # 1

I take no responsibility gloves and glasses Please be safe not stupid.

I have heard that the Witches Jar is not a powerful spell. I think then it is not being done correctly. If done right It is an extremely powerful spell.

Okay so check your calendar is it the day after the full moon for you got to be getting all of your ingredients together. After the full moon we are going to work are way down to the New Moon and we are going to build this thing over the next month. Remember you should be thinking about horrible things when you are handling and building all of it parts. Really let your Emo show kids. The best spells should take time lots of time and be emotional. This spell should gross you out a little.

So you are going to start by finding

Jar preferably something really old and nasty. Not to big and not to small. take your time look for something good to use. just remember. No chips in the mouth please.

Some nice old rusty nails. They say coffin nails but really where are you going to get those they are hard to come by. So go to your nearest big-box super store. Buy a small box of non-galvanized iron or just metal nails take them home take out around 5 of them and put them on the ground and beat them with a hammer i mean lay into them. dont loose them. Then put them in then ground and mark them so you don't loose them.
Or put them in a glass of really salty water 5 tsp of salt per 8 oz of water should do it. leave them for the whole month. at the end of the month rinse them off really well DO NOT ADD SALT to the jar.
Next find some scary razor blades like not new ones 5 of the 2 sided kind get 2 pairs of pliers grab the razor blade on both sides and twist it. Repeat step 2

over this month find other items to go inside your jar, Negative items things that freak you out.

If you've stolen something now would be a great time to put that inside this jar let it fester

keep it in a place you can see it. but some place no one else will. Out of the prying eyes of your children or parents you should be thinking about this, you should be hiding it sneaking around lying about it. Remember this spell is about negativity you are building up your energy and and putting it into this disgusting bottle. Now add your urine and period blood if this is a binding spell simply add their toe nail clipping and Hair from their brush. then it should be buried the night of the new moon as close to midnight in your yard or some place safe. you should feel a great sense of relief getting rid of it. It should not be disturbed or dug up by the kids make sure husband or wife wont find it. wile out gardening. Your neighbor should not see you do this. If and when you move you must dig it up and smash it some place else away from the house a creek is good because it will wash away the negativity.

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Re: The Witches Jar protectio
Post # 2
Very good job explaining this. I definately am going to give this a try so my question is: When you say "repeat step two" when talking about the razors does that mean to bury them for a week or to rinse them off?
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Re: The Witches Jar protectio
By: / Novice
Post # 3

it means that you want them to get vary rusty however you have to make them vary rusty coroded the salt will help make them coroded bury them in the ground for a short period of time to accomplish this but not as quick. salt water works wonders

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