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The Society of the Fey

Forums ► Misc Topics ► The Society of the Fey

The Society of the Fey
Post # 1
I have a basic understanding of what they fey are, but I'm not sure if that term just refers to the Fair Folk of Ireland, or is a general term for similar creatures from different mythologies like the Arabic djinn, Grecian daemons, Native American Little People, Shinto youkai, Nordic jötnar, and possibly elves. I'm under the impression the fey live on the astral plane, but the sheer volume of myths about them lead me to assume they can take physical form. I also wonder precisely what sort of society, way of life, and government they have. The Fair Folk were said to have kings, but so did humans when those tales were written.

Additionally, what is the "edge" of their territory? Does it extend beyond the Earth and, theoretically, reach to other planets or even universes? How does their civilization advance? Human society advances through economic growth and technological development, are the fey the same way? Do the fey spend all their time in astral form, or do they inhabit "worlds" on the astral plane that they travel between? Finally, what is their current relationship with humanity? We don't really see them any more, though some countries remain highly superstitious.
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Re: The Society of the Fey
Post # 2
lol whats a Grecian daemon ?
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Re: The Society of the Fey
Post # 3
When I hear and use the term fey its not referring exclusively to fair folk of Ireland, its an umbrella term used to describe many different types of spirits. Although what exactly counts as fey is up to debate.

From my experience the majority of fey are on the astral plane and if any do have a physical form they are most likely so powerful that we'd never find them any way. There are so many myths about them I believe because the Veil Between Worlds was much weaker long ago.

There are many variations of fey society as there are many variations of human society. In my experience spirits do have politics, they do form factions, and they can have systems of government with a group.

I'll message with more information, and ofcourse this is simply what I have experienced in my 4 years of astral projection and im a not an expert on the fey.
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Re: The Society of the Fey
Post # 4
Thank you very much Lunarunes, I await your message. I think the fey are less common nowadays not because the Veil is stronger (this is the first I heard of it, I always assumed the border between planes was just kind of there), but because humans have taken over the world. The expansion of our society may have driven some magical beings from the Earth, possibly because they are disadvantaged or simply outnumbered.

I don't doubt that fey form factions and politics, but I'm wondering what the point of such systems are? Human nations compete over any number of things, though the most sensible is resources. These conflicts encourage nations to beat out one another economically (war is rarely profitable), excellerating technological and sometimes social development. I don't currently know what sort of resources the fey would compete over, besides whatever it is that sustains them. Whether they go about research and development is highly important to understanding them.

The possibility of the fey "world" having a border of some kind is very important. When humans discovered new lands, people would rush to claim them and profit from whatever purpose they could serve. In this age, we are confined to our planet with next to no room for expansion, forcing us to compete over what we've already found. If the astral plane, or whatever section of it the fey live in, does not have a boundary of some kind preventing further expansion, then this could have some impressive consequences.

Andrew, I referred to daemons as Grecian because the work itself is Greek and evolved into the modern demon. It originally referred to spirits that existed outside the classifications of gods or creatures from other myths. At least, that's what I heard.
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Re: The Society of the Fey
Post # 5
These are very interesting questions your asking, and I dont have all the answers, but it makes me want to do some research on the astral about it.

If physical humans start heading of world to other physical planets, I dont think we will run into physical fey. If humans and fey are going to impact with eachother in a major way, they'd both have to be on the same plane of existence.

There is a theory that the Veil Between Worlds could break, I not saying it will or wont, but there are people who believe it will. In that case there would be a major clash (not necessarily a war) but how do you think the majority of humans will react to sudden strange things and persons who are now physical? We already attack each other enough for being different.
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Re: The Society of the Fey
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I think I understand what your saying. When it comes to weather the fey are just ireland folk lore or if it refers to all mythological creatures that up to what you believe in. If you relieve the Ireland folk lore then that's what they are, if you believe in Egyptian mythology that would be your "fey". I myself believe that all religions speak of the same gods and creatures just under separate names. Even when you compare polytheistic (many gods) and monotheistic (one god) every religion talks about multiple beings of high power then mortal in all the religions I've studied. In Christianity I believe that all angels and demons all are all gods just down played, how else could you explain "Satan" being able to create disease and turmoil for humans and for them to have the ability to live forever. I myself believe in an follow the Greek gods but I also will talk to the roman, Egyptian, Scandinavian, and jappiness gods. For A god can take many forms and go by many names. But that's just my opinion on that.

And for then being able to travel to different worlds, I believe that scince and religion both have a place in the world. I believe that Ouranus (the diety representing the sky) but I also know that humans have been in space. I also believe that apollo makes his rounds driving the sun chariot everyday and that it brings healing and good fortune but I also know the sun is a huge ball of gas. I don't believe both can exist in the same place at once but that they coexist on to separate levels. These levels are called many things. The daut, the mist, the astral realm etc. but again that's just what I've come to believe in my journeys.

I hope this helps you:)
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Re: The Society of the Fey
Post # 7
That is a nice thing to say, possessed, but sadly it does not help. In my studies I have already solved most of the mysteries and contradictions you mention, or declared them irrelevant in practicality. I seek the answers to my questions because I wonder what could be done for humanity if they were answered. For instance, if it is indeed possible for the Fey to travel physically between different planets, they why can't we as well? It may take much time and effort to learn how, but if it can be done then we humans can certainly do it eventually. This whole conversation makes me want to teach an anthropologist astral projection so they can start interviewing Fey and possibly lay the grounds for an inter-species relationship.
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Re: The Society of the Fey
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
The Fey as I have come to know them are a vast range of spirits from all different kinds of beliefs. My vague description of Fey is: Spirits of Nature. This has the denotative and connotative meanings as well. They are literally of nature, they are made from nature, by nature, for nature. It also means that they serve nature to promote it's growth and well being. Fey were not physical at any point - meaning they were not human. They are entities of intelligence that transcend the physical, because they must to do their job. So, with those descriptions, Djinn could fall under the umbrella term, and Elves.

Read the myths about the Sidhe and sidh and you should find what you are looking for on the 'edge of the territory'. In those myths you will find that a lot of them refer to the Fae as actually living beings as if they were another race among this planet. This is common, but I believe it to be a metafor for how the fae effect the physical so much in their subtle ways - a rational explanation of this would be to make them physical beings. Here is a sight that has books on the Celtic folklore including the fae myths.


A couple books off that list that are worth the read in this subject are Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry, Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland, The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies, All of these books are on this site and will benefit you greatly!

Get to reading! Enjoy!
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Re: The Society of the Fey
Post # 9
The thing about us going to the astral realm as in we physical disappear and reappear in physical form is that as physical beings we already exist on the astral with our spiritual bodies. Both exist at the same time. So in theory a person would have to lose there spiritual body to fully transition over.

Also i dont think the Veil would allow such a thing to happen any way. They way this world is set is for a reason, and I believe all part of The Balance.
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Re: The Society of the Fey
Post # 10
I personally doubt physical travel through the astral plane would require destroying some aspect of yourself. I figured the biggest risk would be failing to reconstruct your body upon arrival at your destination. It's probably worth mentioning that I'm a bit of a transhumanist, which basically means I believe there is no limit to human potential, so the notion that something "isn't allowed" or is "beyond us" sounds like it's underestimating humanity. If something were forbidden to humans, then we could (not that we should) take control of it for ourselves somehow. Anything beyond us now, will not be forever.

It makes sense to me for the Fey to "of nature", but I don't understand how they could be "for nature". That implies that they are somehow responsible for keeping balance in nature, considering what humans have done to it I'd say they aren't doing a very good job. Humans are also "of nature", since we were created by it, but we're far from "for nature" given how much we've done to alter it to our liking. I'm fairly certain the Fey have free will, so it doesn't make sense to me how they could somehow be beholden to a natural order when they have the power to change it just as we do.
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