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Anything is possible!

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Anything is possible!
Post # 1
I have been on this site as a member for only a short time but I already see a trend nearly anywhere I look within the forms that I would like to touch base on just for my peace of mind, to get it off my chest and give back some hope to those who wish to test the boundaries of what we believe is "possible" or "impossible." I understand that the following opinion and belief will more than likely not be the same position of many people on this site, however, I don't really feel that having the same opinion as the majority is all that important. This is not to say that the opinions that differ from my own is wrong or that I don't care about others' opinions because they aren't similar to mine.

With all of the new persons on here that want to start practicing magic its heartbreaking to me to constantly see the others respond to a far fetched idea with "No you can't do that", "that's impossible", etc. I believe anything is possible... because anything IS possible! I can admit that many of the concepts would go against my scientific mind and what I have learned from what science has shown us thus far but our knowledge of science changes and grows all the time to prove that what we knew as absolutely impossible is now a scientific fact. I will also admit that if someone could change their eye or hair color at will that it would blow me away but at the same time, if you don't believe that there is a possibility then it closes off your mind so that it becomes an absolute impossibility for you to ever be able to do such feats.

I guess what I'm getting at is that there is more to advice than just blurting out that everything is impossible. I understand you don't want people wasting their time and the forum space on things that you feel is not possible, but I thought that is kinda the point of this site.... to be able to share in the experience and wonderful benefits of magic and have a place to discuss what we are able to do beyond popular belief. I do understand the other point of view and why one might want to discourage such expectations but at the same time wouldn't that be doing what others might try to do to those of us that practice magic and KNOW that magic is real?

We are the only creatures on Earth that don't use 100% of their brain. In fact, its common knowledge that even the most brilliant minds ever only used a fraction of our brain. Its my personal logic that maybe if we could tap into the portions of our mind that we don't use, it just might open the door for possibilities beyond current belief... even those of us that are more open minded than most.

If you are reading this with hopes that there IS a wonderful Harry Potter type magic then I'm here to tell you that I believe its possible. Have I done such feats? No. Have I ever witnessed such a magic? No. But I do believe anything is possible and I am convinced that I have manifested things WAY out of the normal "mainstream" thinking of what is possible. At the very least, if you DONT believe then it IS impossible to you because you don't think it is... so keep your mind open, read, practice and maybe one day such things could be possible for you!


Re: Anything is possible!
Post # 2
You make a great point, but i doubt it will change any of the skeptics on here.

Re: Anything is possible!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Your statement that humans don't use only a fraction of their brains is in fact incorrect and an old wife's tale. Humans do indeed use all of their brains. This article in "Scientific American" goes a long way to debunking that myth: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=people-only-use-10-percent-of-brain

The fact of the matter is that not everything IS possible. Some things remain impossible no matter how much we want it to be otherwise. Other things are merely very difficult. But the wise person knows the difference and doesn't leave their mind so open that their brain falls out and rolls around on the floor.

Re: Anything is possible!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I hear what you are saying and sympathize with one part - when we tell ourselves and others that something is impossible and make that an absolute in our brain we are indeed shutting out any possibility relating to, or even similar to that improbability.

To simplify this, if we keep saying we can't do something, we will never strive to go that far and to amaze ourselves, and hopefully others. I agree with you on that.

You kind of hinted at your frustration about how people rush to tell others off when they are ignorant (simply meaning that they do not have that knowledge) of what they are asking (hence why they are asking). It pains me to see other's taking their time and effort because they just 'have to tell that person that they are wrong'. Honestly, it is so unnecessary. Are you furthering their happiness, your own, and those around both you and that individual? Is it going to be beneficial to crush a little thirteen year olds dreams about magick? No, it is going to make them feel as though they are not welcomed and unwanted. They will not want to be a part of a community that expects so much from them off the bat. It is very ridiculous.

If you feel the need to tell them off, do it in a way that is kind, and intelligent. Do it in a way that shows you are an adult, and are capable of self-restraint even though it makes you angry or frustrated that they believe in mermaids or vampires and want to be one.

Think before you speak. I am ending my rant.

Re: Anything is possible!
Post # 5

"If you feel the need to tell them off, do it in a way that is kind, and intelligent. Do it in a way that shows you are an adult, and are capable of self-restraint even though it makes you angry or frustrated that they believe in mermaids or vampires and want to be one" -Holla

I agree with this Holla. Your reply makes absoute sense to me. People should always approach something that annoys them or they disagree on, with an adult stand point. Self restriant is a strong charactistic to learn and to have. Mostly because, a lot of people do not have the self ability and strength to do so. They flag down everyone that seems to have a different standpoint. Life is too short for arguing and to be hateful. We should grow and have self gain. I wish the best for us all

-Sincerely Sim

Re: Anything is possible!
Post # 6
I agree with most of what Holla said, but I just have to say... Mermaids are real. They just don't look like what Disney and everyone else likes to think, including the people who want to be one. They're strange and hideous. WELL... I'm pretty sure what I saw were "mermaids"... anyways just wanted to add my two cents.

Re: Anything is possible!
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Haha, I agree. I think that all things are possible, but...we're not just "there" yet, you know?

Re: Anything is possible!
Post # 8
Thank you all for your input and point of views, I appreciate them very much.

Lark- I will definitely look into that site, thank you. As to the "impossibilities", its my stance that there are many forms of reality and we each have our own. We can do anything in our minds escape and within our visualizations that can influence this physical reality. Who is to say that if we Astral Project, that those experiences aren't indeed real in another reality?

Thank you Freethinker, and for the most part I agree... but if it could just shape the way the answers are directed a little bit, I would be happy :)

And thank you Holla, Sim and Trinity... I think you got the heart of the post. Its difficult to bring up a subject like this without discouraging those you are trying to help.

Yes Maxwell, I know exactly what your talking about and thank you for your support :)

My answer to those of you that wish to develops such fantastical powers that would completely go against what we know of as the laws of nature, if you figure out a certain technique or something, please let me know. Have fun and enjoy yourself on your journey, let your imagination go, believe and you will find your way.


Re: Anything is possible!
Post # 9

Firstly, I would Like to start off with why the individuals here are so blunt about the impossible. They are so blunt because they, or at least a majorityof them, are tired of the constant repetition of the same questions. The growth of the new individuals to this site has increased over the past few years. This is do to many T.V. show and Movies that take an unrealisticperspective on Magic. It is these T.V. shows and Movies that have given rise to the new individuals who believe in the impossible.

Secondly, Science and Magic are the same thing. They both have the same beginningsand are only divided by the minds that choose to divide them. Once one decidesto no longer divide them, said person can truly learn the truths of the universe.

Now, All animals use 100% of there brains. The only difference between Humans and Animals (even though humans are technicallyanimals) is that Humans have a larger brain that allows us to process information more efficiently. Although, we do not use our entire brain to process information. This is because we use the other sections for thing we do not have to think about, such as: Breathing, Heart Rate, and etc. So technically, we do use 100% of your brains capacity.

This brings me to my fourth point. The reason we need to inform the misinformed is for two reason:

1) So they do not spread the misconpetions to other newer persons on this site.

2) So that the person learns the knowledge s/he came here, to this site, to learn.

So Yes by telling the little thirteen year old the truths about magic, it does better that thirteen year old.

Finally to my last point, Mermaids do not exist. The myth of Mermaid came about when the sailors where out at sea and the saw sea lions, or another sea creature that has close relations with the sea lion, nursing there young. With all the sea sickness and other possible factors, the Sailors thought they saw creatures that looked like fish women but were really just sea lions.

Re: Anything is possible!
Post # 10

Sorry for the late post I was trying to figure out how to word the post.

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