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cant understand

Forums ► General Info ► cant understand
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cant understand
Post # 1
im dreaming about making a voodoo doll or a straw doll and last night i was pulling someones hair off.. then few months ago i curse a person to die then a weeks she got ill and suddenly die same as her friend which i hate too i curse him too and he died too im kinda shock and scared.. is this a coincidence?
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Re: cant understand
By: / Novice
Post # 2
the dream i don't think you have to worry. it could be showing you a desire, or rage towards the person. i don't think you cast anything over them. an option could be [slim] you unknowingly projected into their dream and attacked them. this is a slim chance, but some people have been known to astral project without realizing. i have on occasion.

the cursing people to die, be careful what you wish for. if your hatred is strong enough, you can cast a spell that can kill another. this is rather dangerous for obvious reasons, if it's successful they die, if it backfires you will get sick and possibly die. now that this has happened though, you're probably going to receive a lot of negative effects if you cursed them and they died as a result. not little effects either, your punishment won't be a broken pencil or a lost remote control, i know people who have cursed for fun, as well as cast a death curse for revenge, the results are severe. injuries, divorce, loss of friends, loss of job, miscarriage, sickness, these are just a few things they had to deal with.

if i were you, while you cannot change what you've done, i'd try to do some good. this won't erase what you did, nor will it stop karma, but volunteering, cleaning a park, donating to a charity, and so on might help even things out a bit. you should also meditate long and hard not only why you cast these spells, but the next time you're going to cast any type of spell, stop and ask yourself if it's necessary. sit and meditate on the issue. i don't know how old you are, but i'll assume you're a teen, your emotions are all over the place right now. when i was in high school there were times when i wanted to curse people [and my one friend gladly provided me with curses] the thing is, i would wait a week, meditate every day on if the curse what necessary. each time, when the day i was going to cast rolled around, i found myself unwilling to do it because it was not needed. point is, think before you do because you reap what you sow. [idiom, basically do good get good, do bad get bad]
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Re: cant understand
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Yep, it's almost certainly an unfortunate coincidence. If death spells work at all, it takes a lot more focus, intent, and energy work to make that sort of spell happen than just dreaming about it and it happens. So I doubt that their deaths are your fault.

On the other hand, it is possible that you had a prophetic dream in which you realized they were going to die and in the dream used the symbology was the voodoo doll.
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Re: cant understand
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I don't know if your dream is prophetic or not but I can leave you with my experience in the matter.
Dreams can help you answer things you do not know consciously about yourself or the world around you.
Whenever someone is about to die in my family I dream a coffin,I dream us going to a funeral and then three days later I get a call saying some distant relative past away.It has happened each time to me whenever death is near to one of my relatives whether I know that there ill or not.
Another time would be after seeing my cousins baby for the first time,that night or a while after I dreamnt of my sister having a baby that we all were together happy and then all of a sudden the baby was a doll a muddy doll and no one noticed the change but I did and it was horrible.the next day I woke up and told my mum who had a similar dream to me about a dead baby.My cousin called that day to say that there baby had died three days ago and they were too emotional and forgot to call us.
I know I am an em-path and that's probably why I dreamnt that because some how or the other I just picked up on there worry or something but prophetic dreams do tend to run along the family.So much so if I am confused about something I close my eyes and meditate on it before I go to sleep.And I will receive my answers in the form of a dream.
The only thing that I dream about and could not do anything about was a death of a dear family friend.I had dream that dream since 4yrs old till I was 16yrs old not knowing what it meant it is only now do I get it since that was the only person whom was there one minute and gone the next.Sadly enough I just also realized that the day of his funeral played out just like my dream.
I wish so badly that I recognized that 3 yrs ago.It would have helped back then.
Dont freak out so much you have the gift of prophetic dreams.What happened was not your fault.You only perceived a mere glance at what was to come in your dream and in your awaken state.

p.s sorry if I strayed from the topic I just got a major epiphany here.
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Re: cant understand
Post # 5
yes.. but the dreams was after the death incidents.. and i usually see someone beside me its just a black shadow and when i looked at it on the 2nd time theres no one. im totally freakibg out.
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