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Read, Reflect, and Help

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Read, Reflect, and Help
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Read, Reflect, and Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
There is never going to be a short supply on people asking for help on this site. If you want to help out the person for their better end than do it. But you have to remember that helping people on this site will matter on how you react, word, back hand knowledge, experience, and reading.

Reacting to their post will help others understand how you are. If you go off "trolling" or being immature, than they will not take you seriously. Even if that is how you normally act with your friends, these people are not them. They see you as some stranger and the first impression will set your name on this site. So remember to keep calm or keep everything in a nice calm area. If someone is trolling you or you completely disagree (or the other way around) don't attack them. Be open minded and understand that everyone has their ways in life, let the person asking for help decide which one will be better for them.

How you word your post will also put in a huge factor in how others see you. Learn how to type and make sure that it is something that will be easily understood. Using words like w8t, swag, or another language will cause some confusion and people will see you as a child. Texting is fast with other people that understand it, but this is the Internet. The Internet gives you time to spell out your words, you're not in any hurry when you are on this site either. Words that is a tread doesn't really work with your creditability. It can also cause a lot of confusion because swag has different meanings than being cool, like stolen loot. I know that learning a new language is hard, but if you are going to go on an English speaking site than try to learn how to speak and understand the language. Having good grammar is a plus but not a requirement. Remember, they want an easy, simple answer to their problem. Try not to give them a code that they need to decrypt.

This plays a big part if you desire to help others on this site; having back hand knowledge. Again, there are going to be more people each day that will ask for help in different areas. If have more knowledge in one area, like for example Tarot Cards, than try to look for Tarot questions or make your own little guide. If someone is asking about something you never heard of or have little know how on it, don't try to help them solve it. Let someone that knows the area better help them or tip someone you know that studies that area. If you have helped someone by posting what you know and someone else disagree, don't get offended. I know it is hard not to but everyone sees things differently, even ideas. Always try to have an open mind when you are on this site. Now if someone challenges your post (aka they ask proof) than try to show off some sources of where you have read on the matter.
P.s. always remember that different people on here follow different paths and will believe in different things. You will run with too many people that will disagree with you so don't take it personal.

Having knowledge is good itself, but having experience is better. Experience just means that you put that knowledge in use a few times to see what happens. For example, Astral Projecting is a neat talent that only a few have. You can read books about it and how to articles, doing it and reading it is two very different things. So unless you have done it with success and understand the feeling, you will help them a lot more than just giving them tips you have read.
P.s. lying that you know, understand, and have experienced something isn't very smart. People that know it very well can easily spot you in your lies and will call you out as a fluff.

Before you can help anyone on here, you must learn how to read! I am not saying you don't know how to read, but you must get into the habit of reading every word they have posted. Don't skim down the list looking for key words or skipping the boring parts. Unless you fully understand their issue, you won't be able to help. If other people already replied than read what they posted so you understand what has already been covered. Think back in high school (or in class if in high school or English college class) and your English teacher hands you a book to read and do a report on. Skimming the book, searching random information online, even skipping chapters because they looked too long or sounded boring won't get you a good grade. The same implies here too.

One last tip, you don't have to go searching for posts to answer. If you do this than you will get in your head that you have to reply to someone even if you don't have the right answer. Just let it come naturally, don't force it.
Hope this helps many members so they too can help more members.
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Re: Read, Reflect, and Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Well said, we are a community and everyone comes here for their own reasons: support, advice, help, or just plain acceptance they can't get in there everyday lives. We have to support each other as best we can
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Re: Read, Reflect, and Help
Post # 3

Very well said Nash, I thouroughly enjoyed reading your post, and I'll be sure to recommend it to others.

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