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Insomnia cure?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Insomnia cure?

Insomnia cure?
Post # 1
hello everyone I'm wondering if there is a magic way to cure insomnia. I've tried and failed with the more mundane ways such as taking relaxing baths and moving my room about but nothing really works.

any help would be great :)
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Re: Insomnia cure?
Post # 2
try chewing on velarian root. it tastes like hell, but it works in most cases
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Re: Insomnia cure?
Post # 3
You could try a guided meditation before bed. Also, listening to certain binaural beats when trying to sleep can help as well. (You'd want frequencies to promote deep sleep) Cutting out stimulants 2-4 hours before you're ready for bed will help as well. Make sure you're building an association with your bed strictly for sleep; studies show that if you do a lot of high stress activities while in/on your bed (ie: homework, worrying about life, etc.) you begin to associate that anxiety with your bed, and that contributes to insomnia. Lavender tea before bed can help immensely, as can a brief relaxing yoga flow. You can try to do an "insomnia be gone!" kind of spell, where you just banish insomnia from your life. But it will only work most effectively if you commit to non magical means of rewiring your sleep patterns as well. Going to bed 15 minutes earlier every night can gradually reset your internal clock back to a healthy sleep cycle. Sleeping with a crystal or stone that promotes calmness, tranquility, stress relief, and/or is a good grounding agent beneath your pillow can also help to alleviate the insomnia. I'd also highly recommend you talk to your physician, just to make sure this isn't a sign of a larger health problem at hand.
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Re: Insomnia cure?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Enchant the bed itself to encourage sleep. It also helps to never use your bed for anything except sleep.

My electromagnetic barrier i made to try to defend against spirits also runs constantly while i sleep. The only thing i know it prevents is wireless signals, but that shuts up my cell phone real quick.

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Re: Insomnia cure?
Post # 5
Isn't that dangerous for your body though? Keeping an active EM field running while sleeping in it?
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Re: Insomnia cure?
Post # 6
Change your protection. You could be causing your own problem. Candle light and a chamomile mint tea before bed might be relaxing enough to let you rest. Hope this helps. Blessed Be...
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Re: Insomnia cure?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
no, you are exposed to a more intense magnetic pull if you have magnets near you... It doesn't have any adverse effects on your body.

It does block wireless signals, and theoretically lower your exposure to natural radiation, but that's not really notable, because the amount you are hit with daily is so low it may as well be not present. I'm not really crazy enough to put it up as a shield against an x-ray device or something... Yet.
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Re: Insomnia cure?
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Have you tried melatonian?

I know it may work for some but warm milk has never worked for me.

I find that stretching, relaxing, and then I find something that normally bores me and do that and it usually knocks me right out. lol You know stuff like housework :P lol and try listening to music that puts you to sleep while doing it.

Ok but seriously how often does this happen? If not that much then it is probably nothing, but if it happens a lot then I would find out the cause instead of just trying to treat the symptom.

Sorry for any misspelled words, I'm a tad tired. :)

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Re: Insomnia cure?
Post # 9

some things you could try for help with insomnia
valerian tincture you can order it at www.baldwins.co.uk/
a mugwort/lavender pillow ( baldwins also sells the herbs) to sleep with
warm milk with just a little bit of freshly grated nutmeg
sit with a blue candle and relax and know/feel that you will sleep
warm lavender bath, commercial Kneipp lavender bathsalts works also
the hour before bedtime you should wind down the mind so no pc etc
no electronics in the bedroom and no mobile phone on your nightstand,( you could at least try this )
bowl of salted water under your bed
visualization techniques aimed at sleep, Practical Guide to Creative Visualization Philips & Denning , not specifically for sleep but you can adjust it
read about your book loss due to fire....could be a worry that causes the insomnia....

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Re: Insomnia cure?
Post # 10
Lavender essential oil in a diffuser is great for this purpose. Some people also respond well to eucalyptus or menthol scents. Get a diffuser (the type with a tea light candle below and use real essential oils up top in water), and see how that works for you. Combine with relaxing music to aid in getting yourself ready to drift off.

A very common choice is of course melatonin -but before you take these (or any herbals,) check with your doctor to make sure it's okay; and as with any meds, call your pharmacist to make sure there aren't any drug interactions you may have or need to be aware of. (you'll need to tell the pharmacist every medication/herbal that you take currently.) There may also be some homeopathic things that can help with falling asleep- I'd make a call to your local health food store and ask them what they have that might help too.

Now something a bit more simple is this: if it has something to do with someone who makes noises at night and disturbs your sleep I recommend you to go to the hunting/fishing section at a Walmart or wherever and get some of those inner-ear plugs used for shooting/hunting. Then go to the bedding section and get one of those not-shaped/formed (you'll want the regular fluffy type instead) memory-foam pillows. At night, stick the plugs in (which just kind of make the noise seem to be a lower decibel but you can still hear it), then put the fat, fluffy memory-foam pillow over your head & ears. (if you sleep on your side- if not, start trying to fall asleep that way, once you get to sleep, if you shift onto your back, the noise probably won't wake you at that point.)

Please do search more about it, and if you need reference:
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