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can anyone help me?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► can anyone help me?
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can anyone help me?
Post # 1
ive been having trouble on a spell on here called "a spell to summon forth a pokemon". if anyone could show me what i am doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated!

Re: can anyone help me?
Post # 2

I'm a huge Pokemon fan, but sadly you cannot summon a Pokemon. They are pure fantasy, part of an anime TV show, andpart of Nintendo. All pure fantasy and made by humans. You cannot summon one since they don't exist.

Re: can anyone help me?
Post # 3
Thats not how magick works, sadly. Pokemon are cartoons and will remain so. Believe it or not witchcraft follows the laws of science(or the other way around.).

Re: can anyone help me?
Post # 4
Are you serious? You have to know this can't be done. Get i grip and do some learning!

Re: can anyone help me?
By: / Novice
Post # 5

What in your right mind would make you think this words? I'm sorry but even those who are extremely stupid could understand you can't create something from an anime/video game from thin air

If they actually existed I'd give it a maybe 00000.1 chance of ever working but since they do not and never will then I must say your answer should be obvious

Re: can anyone help me?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
*shakes head* Honey, NO,No, No.. Just stop.. Take a deep breath, blow it out, then slap yourself silly. You need to do some major reading.

Love and Light,

Re: can anyone help me?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Site Spells Discussion from Comments.

Re: can anyone help me?
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Not all spells on here are real unfortunaly and you must pick them well.

If you need tutors or mentors, you need only ask in the forum for help.

To the others that responded to the post: If you are not helping them learn or find their way, then in my opinion have nothing important to say other then put someone down for being misguided, then they should not say anything at all and let those who are willing help and direct them.

In other words if you have nothing nice to say......then but out and dont say anything.

The spell was in this sites spells catagory. If that is not clear here, then now it is. Now it may not be a good spell, but it is in there none the less and to yell, put down, or make someone who is just starting feel inferrer because they did not no is cruel when it is this site that was in the wrong for having the spell on here to begin with.

What if you were starting out and you came to this site. A site that has loads of people doing magic, would you not assume that the spells put on it worked or not?

Being cruel to the one who asked if they were preforming the spell wrong no matter what the spell is, is asking for our help and guidence not our ridicual and scorn.

Think about that the next time you need help in a subject you know nothing about and I seriously hope you do not get the same response that you gave this poor misguided (most likely child) person who was actually asking for help.

Re: can anyone help me?
Post # 9
you could mediate an you can awaken one throw your dreams but , like everyone said it will not come to live

Re: can anyone help me?
Post # 10
I could lecture you on thoughtforms and their revelence to magic but since you tried to cast a spell to summon forth a pokemon im guesing you do not have the magical experience to apply that knowledge. Study magic, study science, study philosophy, study eastern philosophy, practice meditation and develop your psychic abilities. Then we can talk

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