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Looking to try

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Looking to try

Looking to try
Post # 1
Black Magic. I have only researched and practiced Wicca but it doesn't seem to be giving me the results I want. I am told Black Magic will work and is MUCH stronger. Any comments on this? Or Any truth to it? Thank You!
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Re: Looking to try
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
okay so magic has no color blah blah blah.However with black magic the forces/entities you deal with takes the direct approach to things that being said black magic spells are very powerful spells for having your way or simply for causing a bit of a stir up and very reliable on getting rid of enemies.
try reading this from this guy

I don't agree with everything he said but for the most part he is quite right.
white magic is for helping others,this sort of magic gives you or another person etc a slight push so you may achieve what you want.It can also be quite powerful the only difference is white magic users are all about ethics while black magic users do not consider such things much except probably how much is this gonna screw my life up anymore.

I do not practice dark magic however I have seen what it can do and it can be very powerful.I'm also too damned curious for my own good.I've recently just started looking at black magic spells and tweaking them.But where I'm from magic is sort of the norm and so while I don't practice black magic I know just how powerful the spells can be.I wont say because I really don't want to give anyone any ideas.

hopes this helps.Where are you beautiful black weilding magic people I'm also interested in an answer from you.
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Re: Looking to try
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I would disagree that "black" magic spells are an more powerful than a "white" magic equivalent. The relative power of a spell comes from the intent and energy you put into it not from the nature of what you are doing.

I find that typically the belief that supposedly evil spells are stronger than good comes from how they are portrayed in fantasy works as the hero always has to conquer the more powerful evil sorcerer. It'd be boring otherwise as the whole book could be finished in a couple of pages should the be evenly matched.
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Re: Looking to try
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
spells are just a bunch of words.White or black magic the strength of the spell solely relies on the caster.
That being said those who practice white magic can be hindered by there morals and as such that can affect there spell since they wish for harm to come to none/for the most peaceful outcome.Black magic practitioners (some not all)may not have a problem with being forceful.
My point was not that black magic is more powerful than white but the pros and cons of both.
For some situations cannot be solved in a peaceful manner.In which case the spell wont work.
After all a spell only can do what you will it and if you wish for a peaceful means well it wont work.
Also I was speaking from experience in a matter.
And there are plenty white spells out there that are powerful.I've seen horrible situations turn out for the better when there was basically no hope left just as I have seen dark magic ruin a persons life.
please note that black magic isnt all bad its all up to the casters intention/wish to accomplish.
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Re: Looking to try
Post # 5
I agree with Kiva but to elaborate a little more i have seen and used both white and black magick and while, yes some black magick is stronger than white, but not all. What I believe is that magick for people who are strong with it is very personal and when you a spell you are using the intentions and the feelings you have at the time to raise the appropriate energy, even if you don't realise it. Just like how it says somewhere else on the site how you can't do a black magic spell just after feeling insanly happy, it just won't work.
However the most strongest emotions are both used in both black and white magick, thats why when someone does a spell just for the hell of it it usually isn't as strong as if they were doing it when they were absolutly pissed since the most powerful feelings are (not love...) anger, regret, grief, hatred, and for some the feeling of having to protect, and lastly the feeling of having to get stronger no matter what, no matter the consequences that you would do anything for true power
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Re: Looking to try
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I largely agree with pretty much everyone although I do have a few points to consider. Do morals only limit a spell or can they in fact make it stronger? And why are regret, grief and anger stronger emotions than say joy, hope or (yes I am going to say it) love.

I fully understand where Kiva is coming from in saying that morals may limit the course of action a person takes however it can easily be reversed. There are undoubtedly situations where a peaceful solution is not possible however there are also situations (and frankly probably more of them) where by a forceful solution will only make the situation worse. Let's take an example of a bully (Note that in such a case I would actually recommend the mundane approach). Firstly from the "white" side of things you have two choices, the rainbows and fluffy kittens approach of making everyone friends or to attempt and diminish the probability of encountering the person. The first option is likely not to succeed entirely on its own where as the second may stand to help the situation. Now from the "black" perspective, you curse them and make them suffer, in this case you've taken revenge but haven't really solved the problem, when you do next meet them they're likely to be in a foul mood which could either make them ignore you or intensify the problem. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and few practitioners practice one in exclusion to the other as these categories are dynamic and not set in stone, what one person takes as white magic may be considered black by another.

Ok so onto my second point, emotions. No one emotion is stronger than another by nature, all of them have inspired both great and horrific acts throughout history and in fact the are typically strongest in tandem. Let us look at what inspired the outbreak and events of the second world war for example. The Germans were incredibly suppressed by the treaty of Versailles which inspired all the more negative feelings of despair, anger, resentment, jealousy etc, but that alone merely suppressed them, it wasn't until hope played it's own hand that they began to rise up.

As to address the final post by DarkM00n. There is no difference in the skill of the practitioner between someone casting "white" or "black" magic. It is true that a beginner would be ill advised to attempt summoning although provided all the basic skills are in place there is no real difference in summoning a demon or a fairy in terms of the practitioners skill. Secondly you are correct that Wiccans do not typically make use of harmful magics due to their tenants of beliefs but there are a great many other individuals that steer clear of such practices, it is not cleanly cut into Wiccans and then everyone else summoning devils, I realize that you did not directly say this however I thought I'd add for the sake of future readers as it is left partially implied.
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Re: Looking to try
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Dark moon religion doesn't have to be part of magick, magick can just be a means to an end. We're not all good or all bad and to create balance sometimes it's appropriate to explore magick of a darker nature. It's also possible for darker magick to be performed with the purist of intentions. Everything should be explored with an open mind.
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Re: Looking to try
Post # 8
I read that the only difference between white and black magick is that white magick affects only people that believe in magick and black magick affects everybody, or this was the first principle when magick was cathegorified by colours, and then black and white were asociated with evil and good, so everything changed:)
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Re: Looking to try
Post # 9
I want to point out a fact, that throughout all of this we are giving our personal opinions, while anyone of us can find different points to argue on the matter for weeks on end we will not be showing this person anything apart from how to start a fight.

"A warrior knows when to fight, when to die but most important, when to sheath one's sword"

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Re: Looking to try
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Moonsdeath it's not a fight my lovely,it's a debate. For example I don't share all of darkmoons opinions but I respect them. As an eclectic pagan that indulges in some darker forms of magick ( i especially love chaos magick!)I would counter argue that although I don't adhere to any organized religious forms of magick what I do isn't sorcery. I work with deities, for example Lilith that I feel a connection with but our relationship's personal and free from religious interpretation.
For me intention's more important than any religion. I would only use darker magick in extreme circumstances and if all other possibilities had been explored. This allows me to create balance.
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