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Post # 1
Hy im new on this site.
And i like to meditate.
but the thing is i cant visualize.
and i wanna know more about my past life.
does someone know how to visualize?
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Re: visualization
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are a number of training techniques that can aid you in developing visualization. One of my favorites is simply practice. Take an object (any object will do although something not too big that you can hold in one hand is preferable). Take a moment to familiarize yourself with it, it's appearance, it's texture (and taste or smell if appropriate). Once you've gotten a good idea of this put the object down, close your eyes, and start picturing it. At first you typically only muster the image of the object although with practice you should be able to picture how the other scenes react to it too.

Once you can do that then move onto another object but try doing it without picking it up first. If you used a tennis ball in the last example why not try a golf ball, they are both round but otherwise very different. Then try comparing objects to help get a sense of scale in. Eventually with small steps like this it becomes much easier to build a large scale image in your mind.
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Re: visualization
Post # 3
i tried the method for months now and it didnt work but thank you
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Re: visualization
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well how far did you get with it and what part is it that you're struggling with?
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Re: visualization
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Being able to clearly visualize what one wants ones magic to accomplish is absolutely central to effectively doing spellwork, ritual work, and any other form of magic. After all, if youre going to cast a spell you want to be very clear on what you desire as an outcome in order for the magic to have a path to travel. Everyone can visualize, we do it all the time when day-dreaming. But being able to focus and hold a focus on a specific image is more of a learned skill that takes time and practice to develop. The following is an exercise that can be used to develop your ability to visualize a specific object/outcome clearly and to hold that focus at will.

Take an object and study it carefully. For the sake of this exercise lets take an apple. Hold it in your hand and feel the texture of the skin. Smell the scent of the apple. Look at the color. Are there any bruises? Holes in the skin? Discolorations? Keep studying the apple until you think you have a good grasp on what an apple looks, smells, and feels like.

Now, close your eyes and try to see that same apple in your minds eye. Dont worry if the image isnt really clear yet or if you cant hold it for too long. If you start to lose the image, open your eyes and study the apple again.

Dont strain yourself in doing this. Practice for five minutes or so seeing if you can hold the image a little longer and have it get a little clearer each time.

Continue to do this exercise repeatedly over the next weeks or months. As you become better able to hold the image try adding some changes to it. Now you not only see the apple in your mind...but perhaps you can also smell it or feel its skin.

Try rotating the image of the apple in your mind. So this time youre looking at the stem and perhaps next time youre looking at the bottom of the apple.

As you get more comfortable with visualization you can get more creative in the sorts of changes you want to make in the image of the apple. Try changing the color of the apple from green to red. See if you can make the ripe apple shrivel and dry up. Even try seeing the apple through the full course from bud to blossom to fruit to windfall.

Im using an apple here as a teaching tool because its easy to work with. But of course you dont have to limit yourself to an apple. Once you begin to gain skill with visualization you can work with any image you want.

Its important not to rush things or to get frustrated if youre having problems. As I said before, visualization is a skill that takes time to learn. Each of us learns at our own pace. Like any other exercise it takes time to build up those mental muscles to do what we want and there are no shortcuts. Enjoy the process and keep at it on a regular basis and youll be surprised how well you will be able to hold a visualization in your mind.
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Re: visualization
Post # 6
I also suffers through problem while visualization. Try this http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/trick_spells/illusion_spells/13976/page.html There is a spell name as clear out visulization.
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Re: visualization
Post # 7
The accumulation of skills takes time, persistence, practice.

Learning is lifelong.

I am not sure why you are not able to visualize. Certainly people in the Craft do tend to have different talents/strength. How are you at divination/psychic sensing? If this difficulty continued for a long time, I would wonder whether you have a blocked 2nd chakra (your 3rd eye chakra). I would consider doing some work on this chakra, and see if it improved things.

Practicing meditation will also improve your concentration.

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