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~Namaste~ I have some experiance about Magic. Honestly , I consider myself a Beginner. I am not Interested in writing bio. I am interested in Learning Magic. So Enjoy Magic. Om Namah Shivaya..... This was the bio I written four years ago. After four years I am visiting this website. I laughed when i see the username i chose. Everything seems to be unchanged beside some unknown member names. So I thought why not to write something on my wall..... What is magic?? Think yourself about it first, dont directly read my answer. If you do some work physically, it will be called as physical work. If any work is directly done by energies then people call it magic. Mostly energies are not visible to our naked eyes( some form of energies we can see) and their transformations , magic is considered as esoteric phenomenon. What magic could change in your life?? Again think yourself.... I am going to talk what I encountered in my life. Suppose after a lot of practice you did it perfectly. Suppose you achieved what you wanted from magic i.e. by using direct energies. It will give you a temporary happiness , a temporary joy. Similar to what you get after doing physical work( in which you are interested) and getting desird result. Both will result in temporary happiness. Difference is that when you do it with your energies then it will give you some feeling that you are doing something different from others. Some egoistic feeling that you are superior than others. LoL I would like to give some analogy. Consider Food and Salt. Salt is used to enhance the taste of Food but it is not the food in itself. Similarly magic is used to make life better but it is not the life in itself. Use it in right amount otherwise your life will turn tasteless or bitter. Everyone is searching something. Thats why people go through this website expecting that some miracle or magic could solve their problems or give them answers to their questions. Im also searching something.. Im tired of temporary happiness as stated above. I want permanent, core happiness and answers to my questions. To those who are searching something, this is line of poem in HINDI: "Kasturi Kundali basse, Mrig dhoonde ban mahi." Meaning:- Deer musk is situated in deer only but deer is searching it in the woods, smelling each and every tree. ( Deer musk is a substance with persistent odour) Thanks for reading.