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my beliefs

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my beliefs
Post # 1
im not a satanist or a god worshiper bu this what i believe

i believe in the christian god but no in the proper terms i believe god put all the ingredients in the universe then flicked the switch as it where and sat back and watched it happen i have no belief in heaven nor hell i believe in space and earth i believe E.T.s or aliens came down of two kinds in the holy books of all religion says they came from the heavens or from space as it would have been described in ancient times they say of the angels and fallen angels i believe both where different types of aliens disputing i believe the there are aliens watching us from the sky and the ground the fallen made bases under ground (hell) and the angels went back to space (heaven) the ones that went up are the grays and the ones that stayed here are the reptilians

i have a little thing for you all to think about:
almost proof of my theory of the angels/gods where aliens

Odin wielded a spere that never missed
the varja is w weapon wielded by gods in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism it never missed
Zeus, Jupiter, and the christian/catholic gods all wielded thunder bolts that never missed
and lugh (a celtic god) wielded a flaming spear that never missed

how can all these gods have the same weapon

if you have the time to research you can find that alot of the gods have similar weapons alien weapons
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Re: my beliefs
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I'm not criticizing your beliefs at all but I think it's more likely that the deities weapons never miss for a very different reason. If you want to make a deity appear domineering then you give him a powerful weapon and make it always hit its target. Most of these weapons are based around lightning simply because lightning, particularly in the eras these faiths were being established, was a powerful force that almost always killed its victim.

If this is your belief structure then that's excellent but I'd be very cautious of trying to prove that our gods are aliens. Apart from it being rather disrespectful there's actually very little solid evidence (particularly in the case of the Tuatha De Danann as we can track the lineage of the pantheon to an actual invasion force of Ireland, the Celtic belief structure works largely by ancestral veneration). Again not that I'm criticizing your own beliefs just bare in mind that not many people take kindly to having their pantheon compared to aliens.
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Re: my beliefs
Post # 3
no i don't intend to crush other beliefs i put it out there to tell people my belief. and what i was trying to put acoss is how could it be a coincidence that most of the same type gods have the same weapon and how it could be easily be a a gun shooting or gunships in the sky i thing the gods are alien visitation described by people who would have look at our tech today and call it a mirricle or even witchcraft
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Re: my beliefs
Post # 4
Set, a god of thunder, holds a weapon so powerful, he can strike out and kill other netjeru easily. It is so heavy, he is the only one who can actually wield it.

Why does he carry it? Because, Set is a violent netjer of strength, who defeats Apep, the serpent who must be destroyed every day in order for life to continue. Because, Set is a reckless netjer who often does isfet through his lack of forethought. Because, Set is a powerful netjer, whose strength is appreciated and feared.

The strength of the gods and their weapons come from what the god is involved with, not with a link to aliens based on sky gods. Plenty of gods do not come from the sky, and plenty more actually come from the earth, but go into the sky (such as Re when he left the earth due to humanity's idiocy). It's not really a matter of aliens coming down, controlling us, working with us, etc. It's more a matter of symbolism, belief, and so forth.

You should read into things such as The Golden Brough.

Lightning, as the previous poster said, is powerful. It shoots from the sky, it is uncontrollable, it is random. How can it come from anything other than the gods, and ones who must be extremely angry with us? Again, it's just a matter of symbolism.

Your almost proof, isn't really proof at all. It's a question similar to, "Why do several different cultures have similar deities?" You can write a thesis on it, however, you'll end up with humanity has specific needs, and these needs lead to us building similar deities. Thing is, they aren't the same. Research Zeus, Jupiter, the Abrahamic (Jewish and Christian) god, and Lugh, and you'll find that they aren't similar at all. They all have extremely different personalities (even in the case of Zeus and Jupiter, who are closely linked to each other), and those personalities effect all of their being. Also, Christianity never truly says where god lives or came from. It is assumed he sits on high on a cloud, but there isn't really any proof in the Bible or the Canons that he really is doing this. I think that's due to a bit of cross-over when The Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire.

Do a bit more research when you can. :)
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Re: my beliefs
Post # 5
thanks for your reply's but this is what i believe there will always be a person to argue that a religion/belief is BS i don't do that i speak my mind and if you'd like a discussion mail me
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Re: my beliefs
Post # 6
The hell theory u have, well thats the hollow earth theory. Check these short videos out they should help u. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFmdpgdVYcE
even though i dont agree with what ur saying just look at these
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Re: my beliefs
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
I think in the end lightning bolts where kinda scary to people witth no science. As far as et its probly not true. The odds are so slim we are one planet like a speck of sand. Sorry I don't see it your way I hope you have a good day sir.
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Re: my beliefs
Post # 8
I do believe that GOD created the universe and all life, It is posible that GOD created life other than humankind and that they visit us during the ages also tthere can be other things in the spiritual side of all of this and why magick exists.

NOTE: This is just my opinion and some of my belief, please dont be offended by this.
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