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Post # 1
Hey guys I was wondering.... if someone doesn't believe in god or any other deities for particular tasks then pentagram can be replaced by a pyramid...
4 corners represent 4 elements, forces of nature and our brain i.e. center point of my physical and psychological universe is the 5th point of pyramid.. I mean this is what I think....
now I want your feedback.
I am ready to read anything and everything that is in accordance with rules of this website.
Plz help me....
Thanks for paying attention..
Tejaswi Bhava..!
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Re: Atheists
Post # 2

The pentagram is a symbol. You can still use it if you don't believe in anything.

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Re: Atheists
By: / Novice
Post # 3
i know of a couple atheist witches. they don't believe in an afterlife, deities, or reincarnation, but they celebrate nature. some do cast magic, siting them as energy, but most i know don't.
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Re: Atheists
Post # 4

Atheist here.

In my opinion, I back science as my reason of existence. Magick to me is just science that we have yet to figure out yet, as science knows we all vibrate with an energy, but doesn't know why. Magick itself to be is just that, the energy we personally use directed towards a specific goal.

We do not worship dieties for they to us do not exist. Spirits maybe, it depends on who you ask. We as humans have the technology to see ghosts and other things of such nature, we just cannot explain why they occur or what they are, so working with spirits is very possible being an Atheist (unless you claim the spirits are in direct workings with a god/dess, then it goes out the door).

As for a pentagram, pentacle, hexagram, whatever symbol one chooses, it is just that, a symbol. A symbol simply is a representation for something, such as the 5 points representing 5 elements. That is all. Some can claim a magickal backing, others say it's just a cool picture. Either way, symbols are just symbols, and has nothing to do with Atheist at all. If you personally want to use a pyramid instead of a pentagram that is personal choice to do whatever with.

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Re: Atheists
Post # 5
Thanks guys that really helps :D
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Re: Atheists
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
I am an Atheist, in so far as I do not believe in any Deity. But I do believe in the natural order of things. I believe that science and magic are very closely related! (Is not the internet magical?)
I believe in reincarnation; not that we "come back" as humans; but that Matter cannot be destroyed, only changed. That the Matter that makes up our bodies, will "feed" the Earth eventually; mainly plants.
And I do recognise the "Creator" as the Sun and Moon; although I do not "worship" them.
But, a belief in any Deity, that gives comfort and understanding in this "vale of tears", is okay by me. I have no fault to find in any belief.
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Re: Atheists
Post # 7
I do not believe in Gods/Goddesses but I do not say they can not exist. I just do not praise them or pray to them whether they do or not. I talk to the spirits and sometimes they answer by way of action in my favor or setting someone in my path that I feel bound to help or set someone in my path that sends me another way. I guess I am more diest? agnostic? Well whatever I am, the pentagram is still very powerful to me personally. It represents the elements linked with my spirit. I do not need a diety for that. Of course that could be why my spells fail and my scrying is blank. Meh . . I will figure it out.
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Re: Atheists
Post # 8
I am an atheist too.
nobody really knows what magick really is, but if you have ever experienced it, or were visited by a demon (a succubi in my case) or had any non-materialistic experience like Lucid dreaming, astral projection, De Ja Vu etc... then you already believe in magick, and that we still do not understand the laws of the Universe fully (or some people are trying to hide this knowledge).
I still find it hard to deal with any spells that includes prayers, since you need to believe in the spell in order for it to work and you can't believe in the spell if it was directed to someone you don't believe in, it's like sending mail to a fictional address .... you can still; however, focus more on the psychic parts of magick, stuff that deals with aura, psionic spheres and spears and stuff like that.
as for the source of your power, aside from the power within, you could simple claim that our aura is a form of electromagnetic field, and in doing so you can tap into the electromagnetic field of the earth and use the power of ley lines (Nicola Tesla believed in this concept), thus the earth can be your source of energy, or you can use the solar power of the nuclear objects that illuminates the earth (the Sun) or it's reflection on the moon as many magic practitioners claim that the moon will alter the solar energy frequencies, making it more suitable for certain spells in certain moon phases.
in short, you can simply look at Magick as a materialistic power that is real, but have not been studied yet in the scientific community, atleast that's how I see it myself.
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