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Sowhat if EVERYONE knows

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
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Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
Post # 1
So I guess this is more of a rant so sorry in advance. I've been part of the path now for 5yrs now? Dang time flies. I came out of the broom closet a long time ago it seems, and other than my hardcore catholic grandparents making me sit with a priest it was an easy outing.
I'm 24yrs old so I don't hide how I am, no point, people can think what they want about me. I am fairly confident in myself and my walk. Actually everyone in my small town knows I'm into witchcraft. So I don't hide my pentagram no, I have it placed around my neck for the whole honest world to see, and dose everyone who comes into my line at the station like it no. Do some instantly judge yes. But people know I'm a good person at heart and that the Hollywood portrait of the witch dose not fit for me.
Anyway, so it's just REALLY irritating me lately that my current boyfriend who's known from the get go when we met that I was into witchcraft, has told me to my face that "isn't that stuff for ya know 13yr old's? don't you think it's time to grow up?" or "You know your not really a witch right?! You can't really make things happen." and, "You know people will find you odd, and pick on you behind your back," then my all time favorite, "Ya know. what would my friends think of ME if they where to watch YOUR videos on youtube? It makes me look like I'm crazy right along with you." when he said that I just wanted to slap him honestly. Because my craft and path are not a joke to me, nor is it childish, I makes WAY more scene than the church ever did.
So I don't know I guess I am seeking advice here. whats a good way to politely tell him from my broom to tarot card everything I use is not a toy but a tool used to get my point or intent across. And another thing I know there is quite a few younger folks on here, but there are long term practitioners on this site right? I'm not the oldest person on this site? or am I?
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Re: Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
Post # 2
nope you are note there are some people and admins in their 40s and 50s and really that's some thing to be proud about
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Re: Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Unfortunately this is typically the response from people when a minority first starts making an appearance. Women's rights, LGBT campaigns, immigration, banning slavery, etc. They all went the same way and it's typically just because people don't understand.

On the plus side as more and more pagans are starting to have a public profile people are slowly coming around (at least they don't burn us anymore haha). Will we ever reach a point where pagan religions are equally as respected as the "mainstream" faiths? Perhaps but unfortunately it's a long time coming. One thing I can say for sure however is that it's up to us to educate them or they'll just remain blind in prejudice.

In regards to helping your boyfriend understand in my opinion you did a fairly good job of explaining yourself in the last paragraph of your message. I'd try not to make a massive deal out of it or you'll just wind up shouting at each other but next time the issue comes up it may be worth going into a lit of bit of detail about it to try and explain. It probably won't instantly change his opinion but it might give him something to think about at least.
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Re: Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Not at all! I'm one of the younger people on the site, so I don't know if I'm being a hypocrite or not. Anyway, I usually force this concept onto people when there are fandom wars, (currently: Hetalia vs. Homestuck XD) but remind them that just because a FEW people are screwed up and give the organization/fandom/group/et cetera a bad name, doesn't mean EVERYONE in the group is bad, stupid, whatever. :/
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Re: Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Some people will never be able to understand your beliefs and practices no matter how clearly and how often you try to explain them to them. It sounds like your boyfriend is hoping he can change you into the person he wants you to be and to have you give up your practices. So perhaps you should ask yourself whether you want to go forward with this relationship when the person with whom you are in it can't accept something that is so important to you. Maybe it's time to realize that in the long run the two of you could not find a middle ground and move on to seek a more compatible relationship built on mutual respect.

Oh, and I'm one of the older ones here. I'm 67
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Re: Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
I'm 49 so your far from the oldest on here lol. As for this boyfriend of yours tell him he's the one that need to grow up. Tell him what he believes in is silly and fake and see what he has to say. Turn the tables on him then ask "How do you like it?" That may sound childish but what he is saying to you Is Childish. Tell him to either back off and accept you for who and what you are or you will find someone that will and does. Also remind him that he knew about you from the beginning and that if he had a problem with it then why did he ever go out with you to begin with?
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Re: Sowhat if EVERYONE knows
Post # 7
and there is one thing you must know : wearing a pentagram is not that important UNLESS you are a Wiccan , I suggest you to wear sth more magickal like a talisman see more info at those links :
((that site isn't mine it is for the greatest sorcerer in this generation Pazuzu Ba'al))
p.s. sorry for drafting from the subject
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